The next issue of our award-winning Benefit Bulletin is now available!

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In the past we have named our Benefit Bulletins based on the seasons – so you may have seen the spring, summer, fall, and winter issues before. We are happy to report that we have now moved towards a new naming convention for these newsletters!

Issue # 3 is now available! 


 In this issue:

  • Qualified Paramedical Practitioners – things you should know
  • H1N1 - It’s a different flu season this year
  • How do you sign up for Direct Deposit?
  • Coordinating your benefits – what you need to know!
  • Coverage for your post secondary student
  • What is an authorized third party?


Going forward we will be working with a numbered system for each issue of Benefit Bulletin (Issue #1, Issue #2 etc).  This will allow for the information in every Benefit Bulletin to be used at any time of the year and it won’t be restricted to a specific season.

Designed to help plan members understand their benefits, plan members will soon be able to access all issues of Benefit Bulletin on our Plan Member Services website, once they sign in using their access ID and password.

In the mean time if you’d like to share past issues from 2009 with your plan members feel free to share these links with them:

You can download and print these issues, send them by e-mail or post on your intranet.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.