Absence Analytics and Support

  • Do you know what your data is telling you about the causes and costs of employee absences?

  • Do you have a clear and effective attendance program in place?

  • Do your managers know how to promote attendance and manage absences effectively?

We know that many absences are unavoidable. Still, clear objectives and a managed approach can go a long way to reducing absenteeism, especially when it comes to casual absences.

Our program consists of three distinct services. You choose what you need, when you need it.

1 Lost-time Analysis 2 Program Development 3 Manager training
We'll use your absence-related data to analyze the cost and causes of absenteeism and recommend solutions. We’ll assess your attendance program to determine if your policies and procedures are clear and complete, and whether employees and managers are adhering to these processes. We’ll help you close the gaps and help communicate the changes. We’ll assess managers’ understanding of your program, and provide training – onsite or online. From custom course work to workshops on topics such as mental health or returning to work, we’ll ensure managers have the tools needed to reduce absenteeism.

The Benefits
Bringing together various data streams will give you the information and insights you need to better track and reduce absenteeism, make more strategic investments in workplace health promotion, and promote employee engagement and productivity. Having employees properly report absences will help you to ensure that ill or injured employees are receiving the right care at the right time. They’ll also help to reduce or avoid lengthy disability absences. Improving managers’ competence will ensure your employees are better supported. They, in turn, will see your organization as consistent and equitable in its approach and value the emphasis on employee health and well-being.

All services are delivered by our national network of experienced, in-house Organizational Health Consultants who hold the National Quality Institute’s designation of Certified Excellence Professional. They have unique skills and know-how to help you understand and reduce costs and put in place the right attendance infrastructure to avoid casual absences.

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