Time to update eligibility records for over-age student dependents


With school enrolment here, Sun Life needs current records for over-age student dependents eligible to receive benefits. We must receive any record changes as soon as possible in order to ensure we process claims correctly.

If over-age student information is not received

Sun Life will terminate coverage for dependents that reach the lower age limit under your plan (typically age 21) and have not been identified as full-time students on our system.

We will continue coverage for dependents who are currently identified as full-time over-age students on our system until they reach the upper age limit under the plan (typically age 25; 26 in Quebec), unless you advise us that the over-age dependent is no longer a student.

For those students who have completed a term but will have a gap in studies, the coverage will be terminated on the last day prior to the next term.

Dependent child

In the case of dependent children, Sun Life relies on you and/or your plan members to verify that eligible dependents are covered under the plan and to inform us of any changes in status. This includes verifying attendance at an educational institution on a full-time basis for those dependents that are over the age of 21.

Update over-age student information

You can update over-age student information up to one year prior to the dependent child reaching the lower age limit under your plan. If you update this information more than one year in advance, our claims system will automatically reject it (without notice to you) and you will have to update again later.

If you are unsure whether you have given us the over-age student information – or whether it was submitted too early and rejected – please update this information again.

For students enrolled in apprenticeship programs

Oftentimes, students working full-time in apprenticeship programs are sent to school for various periods throughout their apprenticeship. While at school, the student may be eligible to receive Employment Insurance (EI), if the child is enrolled in a government-approved apprenticeship program. If that is the case, the child will not be eligible as a dependent of the member. If the child is not receiving EI, they will be eligible, provided all other criteria are met.

For students enrolled in co-op programs

Students enrolled in co-op programs are eligible provided they are under the upper age limit. The income they earn has no effect on their status.

How do we know if the institution is accredited?

For full listing of the institutions accredited by the government, you can visit http://www.cicic.ca/en/post-sec.aspx?sortcode=2.16.22&crit=4&special=NACC (inside Canada) or http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/qlfd-dns/qd-lstngs/prscrbdnvrsts-lst-eng.html (outside Canada)

For Pay-Direct Drug plans

If your plan has Pay-Direct Drug and plan members need additional drug cards for their students going away to school, you or they can print a personalized paper card directly from our website at www.mysunlife.ca. Our paper drug cards are accepted by all participating pharmacies.

Important reminders for your plan members

They need to update their dependent records annually, especially for those dependents who become over-age students or who no longer qualify as over-age students.

They must indicate student status on claims for dependent children who are full-time post-secondary students.

When school needs confirmation of a plan member’s child’s coverage, many universities have an online tool that allows students to enter their coverage information. All they need are their policy and certificate numbers.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.