Mental Health: It’s everyone’s issue


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As we celebrate the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week (May 4-10), we want to bring your attention to an article written by Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier, Director, Workplace Mental Health, Sun Life Financial.

Mental Health Week is the perfect time to talk about mental illness and help break down the stigma that can prevent people from getting the help they need.

In an article published on Sun Life’s, Dr. Pelletier shares four resources and initiatives that may help improve mental health:

  1. An upcoming study from the Conference Board of Canada, Healthy Brains in the Workplace, seeks to better understand the employer’s role in addressing mental health by examining the position, effectiveness and potential impact of employer-sponsored mental health benefits and programs, particularly as they relate to depression.
  2. My Story video series sponsored by Sun Life tells personal stories from several prominent Canadians and their journey in coping with mental health issues.
  3. The Mental Health News website shares articles and interviews representing various perspectives on mental health: Dr. Pelletier was interviewed along with
    (Ret.) Lt. Colonel Stephane Grenier on the power of workplace peer support programs.
  4. In Healthy Lifestyles and Mental Health: The Critical Connection, she explores the important connection between lifestyle factors and mental health.

We also want to encourage you to visit Dr. Pelletier’s page to continue gaining insights on workplace mental health.             


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