Sun Life Preferred Pharmacy Network now implemented for eligible plan sponsors


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Further to our announcement in July, we’re pleased to tell you that the Sun Life Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) has now formally been launched. You’ll find more details on the Sun Life PPN in July’s announcement.

Which plan sponsors have the Sun Life PPN?

Most Pay-Direct Drug (PDD) card plans that have implemented our Enhanced Prior Authorization drug categories or our Evidence-based drug plan Special Authorization program are now participating in the Sun Life PPN (unless they have opted out). Due to specific provincial requirements, the network excludes Quebec at this time, however, solutions are being explored for this important market.

Communication plan for groups converting on October 15

As mentioned earlier, we are contacting most plan members (excluding Quebec) who are eligible for the benefits of the Sun Life PPN via a letter that will be mailed to their home addresses starting this November. It will include a list of the eligible specialty drugs they have been reimbursed for as well as information on how to find Sun Life PPN pharmacies in their communities.

New plan members on a specialty drug (prescription filled on or after October 15) will be advised about the Sun Life PPN through the Prior Authorization or Special Authorization drug approval process, which will include a phone call from a McKesson Canada advisor on behalf of Sun Life. During this call they will be advised that coverage has been approved for their specialty drug and which pharmacies near them are part of the Sun Life PPN.  In addition, they will have the opportunity to consent to co-pay assistance counseling provided by McKesson Canada (this is not a service provided on behalf of Sun Life).

Communication plan for groups converting AFTER October 15

The process for new plan members on a specialty drug (prescription filled on or after October 15) will be followed for any new groups. Our Sun Life PPN Advisor, McKesson Canada, will contact them directly.

Sun Life PPN website – another resource for plan members

We’ve also created a dedicated website that provides information as to where plan members can find a Sun Life PPN pharmacy in their community. The website will house some Frequently Asked Questions that plan members might have about the Sun Life PPN and all of the benefits.

Additional information about services offered in Quebec

A reminder that plan sponsors with some plan members based in Quebec will see a few differences in what is available to their plan members:

  • Plan members residing outside of Quebec will have full access to the Sun Life PPN.
  • Plan members residing in Quebec will receive the approval phone call for their specialty drug coverage. At the end of the call, with their consent, McKesson can provide co-pay assistance counselling. (This is not done on behalf of Sun Life, and is not a service under our plans.)  This includes assistance with navigating and applying for government and manufacturer financial assistance programs. They will not have access to reduced claim costs on specialty drugs through the Sun Life PPN.

We expect that you might have questions about this arrangement, and we are including a Frequently Asked Questions document (specific to plan sponsors) to provide more information.     


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.