Update on the New Brunswick Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act


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Who does this apply to? 

Any plan sponsor with plan members in New Brunswick

The purpose of this communication is to provide an update on recent developments with the New Brunswick Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act. On Tuesday December 9, 2014, the New Brunswick Department of Health issued a statement saying that they would be amending the Act to remove proceeding with Phase 2, i.e. the mandatory requirement for New Brunswick residents to have prescription drug coverage.

For more information on what the proposed plan was, please refer to our earlier communication.

As a result of this amendment to the legislation, there will be no impact to the terms of your group plan or your plan members' coverage if you have plan members in New Brunswick.

We are currently confirming, and will advise accordingly:

1. That this amendment also repeals the restrictions on any plan changes made with the sole purpose of moving members to the provincial plan.

2. That all New Brunswick specialty drug programs will remain in place after April 1st, 2015

To find out more about the changes the Government has made you can refer to Bill 4: An Act to Amend the Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act

The Province has also issued a news release which explains its position on the New Brunswick Drug Insurance Plan:



The Province has indicated that it intends to undertake a renewed stakeholder engagement process in 2015 to solicit input on potential options for a government-sponsored drug plan, as well as to explore potential collaboration with other Atlantic provinces on a regional drug plan.

Sun Life Financial will continue to monitor activity in the Province and expects to be engaged in the stakeholder conversations via the CLHIA, as they have been in the past 18 months.


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