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581 Working together for a healthier future: Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment and consulting services
580 Important notice for Internet Explorer users
579 Enhancing the online paramedical claims process
578 Tax increases in New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, effective July 1, 2016
577 Brightening the member experience
576 Service provider delisting update
575 New online registration process is coming your way
Special Edition Sun Life supporting Fort McMurray
574 New Sun Life Pharma News helps keep you on top of trends and changes
Special Edition Sun Life responding to the wildfires in Alberta with special support
573 Just in time for Mental Health Week – new plan member resources are available!
572 Service provider delisting update
571 Contract change to reflect legislative amendment – effective July 1, 2016
570 New enhancements coming to my Sun Life Mobile
569 Reasonable and customary charges revision for drug claims in Quebec
568 Mailing your health and dental claims to Sun Life? Check the address!
567 New Digital Benefits Assistant Experience supports members going through a plan change
566 News for plans in Québec allowing assignment of dental claims
565 Service provider delisting update
564 Join The Conversation!
563 New material clarifies eligibility requirements for all Choices products
562 Sun Life-Ivey Canadian Wellness ROI Study summary of preliminary findings
561 Benefits Fraud Bright Paper launches during Fraud Prevention Month
560 New Digital Benefits Assistant experiences help plan members take action
559 Introducing Integrated Health Solutions: Working together for a healthier future
558 Service provider delisting update
557 Conference Board of Canada’s “Healthy Brains at Work” second report focuses on employers’ programs
556 Pharmaceutical Benefits: A look back and the year ahead in 2016 (Quebec)
555 Pharmaceutical Benefits: A look back and the year ahead in 2016
554 Provincial dental fee increases for 2016
553 Apple’s Touch ID coming to my Sun Life Mobile
552 Increase in EI maximum insurable earnings affects STD plans
551 Service provider delisting update
550 Bill 28 Update: Pharmaceutical services
549 Update to our Plan Member services online
548 New category for Sun Life’s prior authorization program
547 Alberta Budget released on October 27, 2015:  Impact to Sun Life Group Benefits
546 Bill 28:  status update on pharmaceutical services as at December 1, 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) rate increase effective January 1, 2016
544 Your members’ online experience gets a new welcome
543 Quebec group insurance pooling update for 2016 - what’s changing?
542 Service provider delisting update
Special Edition
Your plan now offers members a new Best Doctors® service
540 Release of new Bright Paper— Specialty Drugs: Trends, Challenges and Solutions
539 Sun Life wins platinum!
538 is getting a fresh new look
537 The benefits of using the Customer Care Centre’s Interactive Voice Response
536 Take 2 minutes to assess whether you’re at risk
535 Change to second-payer coordination of benefits claims
534 my Sun Life mobile – new features now released for Android and Apple
533 Service provider delisting update
532 Wording changes to Salary Continuance and stand-alone Absence Analytics and Support Agreements
531 Extended Health Care Coverage Requirements
530 my Sun Life mobile – the enhancements continue in October
529 Bill 28 Update: Lowest priced equivalent drug (often a generic alternative)
528 Just Introducing MJR Collection Services Limited, our new partner in managing fraud risk
527 Sun Life-Ivey Canadian Wellness ROI Study update and new resources
526 Bill 28 Update: RAMQ recalculation for generic substitution
525 Introduction of new cholesterol therapies and their impact on drug plans
August 2015 Sharing bright thoughts on the link between healthy lifestyles and mental health
August 2015 Drug Plan Direct enhancements available on Plan Member Services website
August 2015 Announcing a change to second-payer coordination of benefits claims
August 2015 Service provider delisting update
August 2015 New category for Sun Life’s prior authorization program
August 2015 The Ultimate Luxury Weekend – Legendary Napa Valley
July 2015 Non-therapeutic massage clinics in Canada
July 2015 Impact of specialty drugs on the pharmaceutical benefits landscape
July 2015 Enhanced renewal notice periods on existing business
July 2015 Changes to ASO and STOP Loss contracts administrative process
July 2015 Quebec amends drug plan
June 2015 Announcing Enhancements to Sun Life’s Organizational Health Consulting Services
June 2015 The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey 2015, sponsored by Sun Life Financial – PDF resource available!
June 2015 Powerful anti-fraud technology
June 2015 Launching this week: my Sun Life Mobile with photo submission and more
June 2015 Bill 28 update: Impact to pharmacist services as of June 20, 2015
June 2015 Sun Life Health and Wellness – new resources available!
June 2015 Need to start a Group Critical Illness Insurance claim? Here’s how.
June 2015 my Sun Life Mobile keeps growing with photo submission and more
June 2015 Service provider delisting update
May 2015 New “Healthy Brains at Work” research report sponsored by Sun Life to be issued May 21, 2015
May 2015 Mental Health: It’s everyone’s issue
April 2015 Service provider delisting and change
April 2015 Sun Life Financial Healthcare Funding Guides – Who pays for Healthcare?
April 2015 Impact of Quebec's Bill 28 on prescription drug plans
April 2015 We’re celebrating the one millionth claim submitted through my Sun Life Mobile!
March 2015 Occupational Claims Management
March 2015 At Sun Life, every month is Fraud Prevention Month
March 2015 Service provider delisting update
March 2015 Sun Life sponsors Healthy Brains in the Workplace research and invites plan sponsors to participate
March 2015 The Ultimate Luxury Weekend – Legendary Napa Valley
February 2015 Changes to Group Insurance Contract Documents Format
February 2015 Enhanced rate guarantee on new business quotes
January 2015 Check out this month’s Benefits Canada
December 2014 Quebec Economic Statement – Impact to Sun Life Group Benefits
December 2014 Alignment of advisor commission payment with renewal rates effective date for non-refund SunSolution and National Accounts new business
December 2014 2015 Group Benefits Advisor Appreciation Program
December 2014 Additions to mobile app help meet your members’ growing needs
November 2014 Workplace Peer support - Sun Life signs referral agreement with Mental Health Innovations Consulting (MHI)
November 2014 The Ultimate VIP Experience – Pebble Beach, a private jet, Las Vegas... awaits you!
November 2014 2014 Mobile Overview
November 2014 Announcing New Occupational Claims Management referral arrangement
November 2014 Changes to the Group Critical Illness coverage effective February 1, 2015
October 2014 Employees are not retiring when planned – and health is the top reason
October 2014 New marketing material highlighting our products and solutions now available!
September 2014 New prospecting piece to help promote our Bright Promise is now available!
September 2014 Update to communication regarding Voluntary Benefits critical illness product
September 2014 The Ultimate VIP Experience – Pebble Beach, a private jet, Las Vegas... awaits you!
August 2014 Check out our videos on the Group Benefits Playlists on the Sun Life Financial Canada and Sun Life Financial Quebec YouTube Channels
August 2014 Enhancements to our Voluntary Benefits critical illness product available October 1, 2014
August 2014 How new expensive specialty drugs financially impact plan sponsors
August 2014 Sun Life’s Preferred Pharmacy Network coming on October 15
June 2014 Great news! Starting in July 2014, ASO EHC stop loss claims can now be credited monthly!
April 2014 Sun Life has a new arrangement with Janssen Inc. to reduce costs on REMICADE®
April 2014 Demos and Etutorials page: Now available
April 2014 Manager Mental Health Training –new e-learning modules now available!
April 2014 Alberta’s New Pharmacy Agreement beginning April 1, 2014
April 2014 The Ultimate VIP Experience – Pebble Beach, a private jet, Las Vegas... awaits you!
March 2014 Mental health in the workplace – new resources now available!
March 2014 Sun Life sponsors the Workplace Wellness and Mental Health event with a special rate for Sun Life delegates!
February 2014 Suicide clause to be removed from SunAdvantage Basic Life contracts
January 2014 Sun Life and the Conference Board of Canada present a disability workshop series across Canada with a discount for Sun Life guests!
January 2014 The Ultimate VIP Experience – Pebble Beach, a private jet, Las Vegas... awaits you!
November 2013 A new and improved my Sun Life is coming soon
November 2013 Sun Life Financial will be at the STRATÉGIES PME event in Montreal
November 2013 Extended Health Care Large Amount Pooling level increase for SunAdvantage groups with less than 50 members
October 2013 Sun Life co-sponsors major new Conference Board of Canada research (third and final report released today)
October 2013 Sun Life co-sponsors major new Conference Board of Canada research (second report of three part series released today)
September 2013 New services from Quebec pharmacists
September 2013 Sun Life sponsorship lets us offer a discount to attend this conference – another example of The Conversation in action!
August 2013 Introducing online booklets for Sun Solutions and National Clients
August 2013 The ultimate golf experience – YOU at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
July 2013 Sun Life Direct – business as usual for your plan members with new dental provider web portal
June 2013 The ultimate golf experience – YOU at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
May 2013 Sun Life joins with Homewood to help tackle mental health and addiction related disability claims
May 2013 Navigating the healthcare system - are plan members making the most of Best Doctors?
April 2013 TELUS Health Perspective Winter 2013
April 2013 Plan sponsors encouraged to spring their wellness program forward with HealthyRETURNS Heart Smart Clinics!
April 2013 The ultimate golf experience – YOU at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
January 2013 New mental health workplace standard from the Mental Health Commission of Canada
January 2013 Announcing the ultimate golf experience – YOU at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
January 2013 The industry-wide drug pooling agreement and how it helps
November 2012 Prior authorization program to be applied to existing Pay-Direct Drug (PDD) plans
November 2012 Sun Life RightDirections EAP - great new videos!
November 2012 Sun Life’s enhanced prior authorization program has arrived
October 2012 Group Benefits Absence and Disability online services getting great reviews from plan sponsors
October 2012 Join us – Sun Life’s pharma and wellness experts to present at Solareh’s National Advisor Conferences in November
September 2012 Reminder: Upcoming amendment to EHC benefit – The new standard in generic substitution
July 2012 New Sun Life Exception process will apply to existing plan sponsors with Mandatory Generic Substitution on their plans
June 2012 New Oral Cancer drugs category on Prior Authorization program list
May 2012 Update to Prior Authorization with new TELUS Biologics Policy and new indications for Botox
April 2012 Update on Long-Term Disability Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans - Federal Budget Impact
April 2012 The next step in generic drug substitution
April 2012 CLHIA launches drug pooling agreement
January 2012 Accessing your Sun Life reports will now be even easier
November 2011 We’re making Streamline Solution even better with four new enhancements! Optional Critical Illness Insurance (CII), Best Doctors services®, Salary Continuance services, plus sliding coinsurance under Extended Health Care (EHC) are now available
October 2011 Sun Life’s Bright Papers have a new home
September 2011 Benefits Canada article on Generation Y’s group benefits needs
August 2011 Lower EHC trend factor used for pricing
June 2011 Group CII proposals now include new child coverage and more
June 2011 Opportunity for clients to participate in the 2011 Buffett National Wellness Survey
June 2011 Enhancements to Sun Life Financial’s Streamline Solution
June 2011 Keep up to date with strike notifications on
May 2011 Possible strike at Canada Post
March 2011 Form Update – My Health CHOICE
March 2011 Register for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) now to avoid payment delays in the event of a postal strike
February 2011 Sun Life HealthyRETURNS article and case study to feature on
November 2010 Voluntary Benefits Campaigns running as payroll deductions offer the best results
November 2010 >New email access IDs make it easier for members to access
November 2010

Celebrating a decade of e-claim innovation with 1,000,000 e-claims in 2010

November 2010 Can group benefits be simple and comprehensive? They are with Sun Life!
October 2010 Optimize your client’s group benefits offering in Canada and the United States
September 2010 Check out our new sign-in page for plan members –
August 2010 We're changing our name! EarlyRETURNS is now Salary Continuance Services
August 2010 Our Plan Member Services sign-in page is getting a makeover
July 2010 Introducing “my coverage” for plan members
March 2010 New development regarding CPP deductions and ASO Disability Plans
January 2010 Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Claim Payments under ASO Plans – EI and C/QPP Premium Deductions
September 2009  New contact information for Group Benefits contracting and compensation inquiries
June 2009  Online dental coverage tool now available for all plan members
May 2009

 EarlyRETURNS absence management delivers results

May 2009  Introducing Best Doctors to SLF Group CI plans!
April 2009  Updated Customer Care Centre consent forms coming soon!
March 2009  Industry reports at your fingertips!
February 2009  New! My Life CHOICE plan coming soon