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Guidelines for using the Sun Life Financial logo in your ad

Sun Life Financial supports its wholesale partners who promote their business through print advertising and want to include the Sun Life Financial logo. It is your responsibility to create the artwork for your ad. We can consult on the process as required.

To include the Sun Life Financial logo in your ad, please follow the guidelines and process below.

Define your objectives and target audience

Advertising costs money. Before you purchase ad space and create your material, make sure you know what you want your ad to accomplish. Take the time to write down the objectives and the target audience that you want to reach.

Who can request the logo?

Anyone using the Sun Life Financial name and / or logo in an ad must have a contract or an agreement to do business with Sun Life Financial.

What must the ad include?

All ads produced for Sun Life Financial's wholesale channel must present the independent nature of the individual broker or firm who is sponsoring the ad.

Here's an approved example: "(Advisor) is an independent broker who sells products issued by Sun Life Financial as well as products issued by other insurance and financial services companies." All copy must be approved by the Sun Life Financial head office.

How to start the process:

  • Please contact your Regional Sales Director or Sales Support Team member (1 800 800 4SUN / 4786) to start the process.
  • They will contact the Advisor Marketing department and send the request to the e-mail ID "".
  • The Advisor Marketing department will then work with you to finalize the ad. Content will be reviewed and approved.
  • A Third Party Agreement is required for the use of the logo. Please contact with any questions or requests for the Sun Life Financial Logo. You will need to supply the name of the company or individual you are dealing with, the date it is required and what it is being used for (ie. sponsorship sign, advertisement). Advisor Marketing will forward a Trade-Mark License and Web Linking Agreement to your contact to sign and return to Sun Life Financial Head Office.
  • Once this signed document is received, Advisor Marketing will forward the artwork for you. We ask that a proof be sent back prior to the actual material being created.
Published: 01/05/2009

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