Sun Life: Manitoba Alliance

Welcome to the Manitoba Alliance financial centre

Our location
412 Marion Street
Suite 200
Winnipeg, MB R2H 0V5
Phone: (204) 947-1547
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Darren RosenbergerFinancial Centre Manager(204) 947-1547 x2233English
Kimberley JensenSenior Associate Manager(204) 947-1547 x2257English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Barbara Kaminski(204) 461-2251EnglishStony Mountain
Bernardo Laquindanum, B.S.C.E.(204) 962-1494EnglishWinnipeg
Bonita Woodcock(204) 947-1547 x2215EnglishWinnipeg
Brad Ritchie(204) 778-7071 x222EnglishThompson
Calvin Richardson(204) 599-7748EnglishSteinbach
Carley Piche, Aspire Financial Serv.(204) 947-1547EnglishWinnipeg
Catherine McPhail(204) 230-2912EnglishWinnipeg
Chad Balmer(888) 908-6221EnglishSelkirk
Chad Richardson(204) 326-6331EnglishSteinbach
Chris Van(204) 989-8091EnglishWinnipeg
Corey Murdy(204) 778-6474EnglishThompson
Cory Fedorowich(204) 947-1547EnglishWinnipeg
Craig Hartley(204)989-8091EnglishWinnipeg
Denise Weretyk, CFP®(204) 947-1547 x2220EnglishWinnipeg
Eva Vida, CFP®(204) 925-2934English, Hungarian, FrenchWinnipeg
Evan Morgan, B.Comm.Hons.(204) 947-1547 x2211EnglishWinnipeg
Fran Wieffering(204) 989-8063EnglishWinnipeg
Hadjie Lichauco, BSAM, MBA(204) 509-0422EnglishWinnipeg
Jaimee Mena Cabrera, B.Comm.(204) 594-0380EnglishNiverville
Jenny Cameron(204) 778-6474EnglishThompson
Jeremy Tsang, B.Comm(204) 947-1547EnglishWinnipeg
Jim Anton, CFP®, CHS™, RRC(204) 925-2933EnglishWinnipeg
Jim Hildebrandt(204) 745-6312EnglishCarman
Jorie Sawatzky(204) 371-2617English, Cebuano, TagalogSteinbach
Justin LaPeare, CFP®(204) 312-0389EnglishWinkler
Keith Schwartz(204) 687-6070EnglishFlin Flon
Kimberly Rudolph(204)778-6453EnglishThompson
M. Reimer, Richard Clark Fin. Serv.(204) 989-8063EnglishWinnipeg
Mark McDonald(807) 548-9904EnglishKenora
Nadine McDonald(807) 548-9904EnglishKenora
Patricia Austin(204) 925-2932EnglishWinnipeg
Portmain Financial Services
Robert Janzen
(204) 822-3953EnglishMorden
Richard Clark, CFP®, CLU® Ch.F.C.(204) 989-8063EnglishWinnipeg
Richard Fillion, CPA, CMA, CFP®(204) 947-1547 x2221English, FrenchWinnipeg
Rizalina Cortez(204) 998-4817EnglishWinnipeg
S.Goolcharan,Goolcharan Fin.Sol.(204) 504-7518EnglishWinnipeg
Soraiyah Mohammed(204) 947-1547EnglishWinnipeg
Will Penner(204) 894-2344EnglishSteinbach
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Mark R. McDonald Financial Services(807) 548-9904EnglishKenora
RidgeStone Financial Services Ltd.(204) 778-6474EnglishThompson