Sun Life: Nova Scotia

Welcome to the Nova Scotia financial centre

Our location
Park Place III
237 Brownlow Ave., Suite 150
Dartmouth, NS B3B 2C6
Phone: (902) 481-0022
Fax: 902-481-0419
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. We are proud to support clients in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville, Elmsdale, Enfield, Brookfield, Truro, Oxford, Amherst, Pictou, New Glasgow, Stellarton, Antigonish, Port Hawkesbury, Sydney, Cole Harbour, Lake Echo, Sheet Harbour and Tangier. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards financial security.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Jordan Ingraham, CHS™, BBA, B.Ed.Business Development Partner (902) 481-0022 x2223English
Jamie Roche, B.Sc.Business Development Partner (902) 481-0022English
Simone SpenceBusiness Development Consultant(902) 481-0022English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Andre M. Lasnier(902) 481-0022 x2229EnglishDartmouth
Andrew Illsley(902) 468-5432EnglishDartmouth
Anne Lake(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
Arynne McCarthy(902) 495-0581EnglishCole Harbour
Bill Dixon, CHS™(902) 481-0022 x2225EnglishDartmouth
Bonita Morgan-Hamm, CFP®, FMA, CHS™(902) 876-8496EnglishHubley
Bruce Inglis, ba(902) 354-5075EnglishLiverpool
Caissie Reid, B.Comm.(902) 454-0778EnglishHalifax
Caitlyn Oxner(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
Carolyn Klein(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
Christopher Dunlap, BBA, RRC®(902) 481-0022 x2234EnglishDartmouth
Colby Clarke, B.Comm(902) 678-1235EnglishColdbrook
Cyril Muise, FMA(902) 481-0022 x3333EnglishDartmouth
Daren King(902) 863-9401EnglishAntigonish
Darren Roche, B.Sc., CHS™(902) 825-4392EnglishMiddleton
David E. Conrad(902) 443-4441EnglishBedford
Dawn Leonard(902)825-4392EnglishMiddleton
Derrick Higgins(902) 843-2820EnglishTruro
Devin Colp(902) 527-7888EnglishYarmouth
Dhru Hughson(902) 481-0022 x2262EnglishDartmouth
Donald W. Hall, CLU(902) 883-2500EnglishEnfield
Douglas Spafford, B.A, M.A(902) 385-4415EnglishFalmouth
Emily Steele-Sampson(902) 270-0090EnglishSydney
Gregory Rice1-888-465-4155EnglishBerwick
Ivy Oconer(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
J.A.Leiper, CFP®, CHS™, B.Mgmt, B.Sc(902) 488-5333EnglishHalifax
James MacDonald, RHU(902) 735-3011EnglishAntigonish
Jason E. Malloy, B.Comm(902) 468-5432EnglishDartmouth
Jason Graves, CHS™(902) 481-0022 x2251EnglishDartmouth
Jason Kassouf, BBA(844) 354-5075EnglishBedford
Jason Szeto(902) 499-3138EnglishHalifax
Jeffrey Wild, CHS™(902) 468-5432EnglishDartmouth
Jerry Bray, BBA, CFP®, RFP®, CLU®, TEP(902) 481-0022 x2243EnglishDartmouth
Jiaying (Miki) Qian, MBA(902) 481-0022 x2258EnglishDartmouth
John Wilson, CLU, RHU(902) 883-2500EnglishEnfield
Kathryn (Katie) Harding, BBA, CHS®(902) 354-5075EnglishLiverpool
Keith MacKay, B.Comm, CFP®, CHS™, RCIS(902) 481-0022 x2236EnglishDartmouth
Kendra LeBlanc(902) 664-2449EnglishAmherst
Kevin Ferguson, B.Comm(902) 481-0022 x2224EnglishDartmouth
Kevin Nickerson(902) 745-2657EnglishBarrington Passage
Leanne Antoski(613) 813-4069EnglishHammonds Plains
Lesa Kehoe(902) 956-0282EnglishTruro
Loretta Andrews(902) 354-5075EnglishLiverpool
Lowell G. Bryden(902) 564-1277EnglishSydney
Mark Hatt(902) 567-3636EnglishSydney
Melodie DeGrass, B.B.A.(902) 445-4441EnglishBedford
Michael Ruan, MBA, M.Econ.(902) 481-0022 x2241EnglishDartmouth
Michael Wild, CFP®, CLU®(902) 468-5432EnglishDartmouth
Nicholas Jack(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
R. Christopher Anderson(902) 567-3636EnglishSydney
Rachel Davidson(902) 273-3004EnglishChester
Rene Fougere, CHS™(902) 742-7686EnglishYarmouth
Richard Sturk, B.A.(902) 489-4647EnglishDartmouth
Robert Julian, B.A., B.U.S.(902) 270-0090EnglishSydney
Robert M. O'Donnell, CLU®, FPSC Level 1(902) 481-0022 x2261EnglishDartmouth
Shane Robar(902) 225-3258EnglishDartmouth
Sharon Maas, BA(902) 863-9401EnglishAntigonish
Stephen Bentley, B.Comm(902) 893-2311EnglishTruro
Stephen White(902) 863-7073EnglishAntigonish
Tania Heal(902) 318-0798EnglishAntigonish
Tom Francis(902) 430-6706EnglishChester
Tony Trimper, MDiv, BRM(902) 445-4441EnglishBedford
Tracy MacNeil, CFP®, CPA, CGA, CLU®(902) 481-0022 x2214EnglishDartmouth
Vanessa Nestor(902) 481-0022EnglishDartmouth
Vikram (Vik) Mehta, B.A., CHS™(902) 481-0022 x2242EnglishDartmouth
Wanda St. Peter, CHS™(902) 667-6143EnglishBrookdale
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Inglis Kassouf Financial Solutions Inc.(902) 354-5075EnglishLiverpool
Kings Road Financial Services Ltd.(902) 567-3636EnglishSydney
Trimper DeGrass Financial Services Inc.(902) 445-4441EnglishBedford
Wild Illsley Insurance and Financial Services Ltd(902) 468-5432EnglishDartmouth