Sun Life: Kitchener Waterloo

Welcome to the Kitchener Waterloo financial centre

Our location
94 Bridgeport Road East
2nd Floor
Waterloo, ON N2J 2J9
Phone: (519) 885-4000
Fax: (519) 725-9275
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Adam Proudfoot, BBA, CFP®, CLU®District Director(519) 885-4000 x2297English
Chris de Ruiter, B.A.Business Development Partner (519) 885-4000English
Chris BelangerBusiness Development Partner (519) 885-4000 x2299English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Alex Milne(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Bao Lam, CFP® CLU® CEBS(519) 885-4000 x2264English, Cantonese, VietnameseWaterloo
Barbarann Clements, CFP®, CEBS(519) 885-4000 x2350EnglishWaterloo
Ben Berwick(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Bing Miao, M.Sc.(519) 885-4000 x2246EnglishWaterloo
Bryce Nabrotzky(519) 885-4000EnglishCambridge
Carolyn McKinnon(519) 589-8979EnglishKitchener
Chris Shantz, BA, CFP®, CLU®, CHS™(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Cliff Steele, CFP®, BBA, BMath(519) 622-3740EnglishCambridge
Dave Deverall, B.Sc., CFP®, CLU®(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Dave Thomas BES, CFP®, CLU®(519) 740-6180EnglishCambridge
David G. Frey, CHS™(519) 885-4000 x2260EnglishWaterloo
Denise Regnerus(519) 622-3740EnglishKitchener
Derrick Lindsay(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Frances Doherty, CLU®, CHS™(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Gary Mintz(519) 622-7526EnglishCambridge
Gregory Oue, Hon.B.A., CFP®, CLU®(519) 885-4000 x2263EnglishWaterloo
Janet James-Webb(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Joe Coelho, CFP®, RIS(519) 772-8890English, PortugueseWaterloo
John Yang(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
John-Paul Bell(519) 885-4000 x2269EnglishWaterloo
Jon Kursikowski, B.Comm.(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Joshua Gonzalez(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Kaila Hutt, CLU® , B.Sc.(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
Karen Saunders, MBA,CPA,CMA,CLU®(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
Kathie Butcher(226) 748-3850EnglishHarriston
Kelly Lehman(519) 394-9000EnglishAyr
Kevin Dineen(519) 618-9028EnglishCambridge
Lee Xiong(519) 885-4000 x2397English, HmongWaterloo
Lehtonen Financial Services Inc.(519) 885-4000 x2227EnglishWaterloo
Liana Carvalho, B.A.(226) 647-3388English, PortugueseKitchener
Lino Diasonama, CEA(519) 885-4000 x2213English, FrenchWaterloo
Louise Dineen(519)618-9028EnglishCambridge
Lucas Snider(519) 885-4000 x2234EnglishWaterloo
Mario Mota, FMA, PFP®, CFP®(519) 622-3740English, PortugueseCambridge
Mark Calma, CPCA, EPC(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Mark Wiesel, BA, PFP, FPSC Level 1(519) 622-3740EnglishCambridge
Mary Jane Braid(519)772-8890EnglishWaterloo
Mia Muise(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Michael Barichello(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
Michelle Rogers, B.A., CFP®(519) 498-6851EnglishWaterloo
Minh Thuy Diep, BA Econ.(519) 885-4000 x2229English, German, VietnameseWaterloo
Natalie Sachs(519) 741-5585EnglishKitchener
Norbert Wink, CLU®, CFP®(519) 885-4000 x2250EnglishWaterloo
Norma Roper, CFP®, EPC(519) 394-9000EnglishAyr
Norman Steele, RPA(519) 622-3740EnglishCambridge
Omar McLean, CLU®(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
Reema Habash, B.A.Hons.(519) 957-9692 x101EnglishWaterloo
Rick Courtois(519) 498-3336EnglishWaterloo
Robert Douglas Trask,CLU®(519) 885-4000 x2226EnglishWaterloo
Robert W. Rombough, CFP®(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener
Robert-Jon Campbell, B.A.,CIP(226) 343-8217EnglishGuelph
Ryan Hammar(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Samantha Sanelli(519) 622-3740EnglishCambridge
Scott Weisner(519) 885-4000 x2380EnglishWaterloo
Seth Nabrotzky, CFP®(519) 622-7526EnglishCambridge
Sheri Lynn Stevens(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Shokre Thibeh(519) 885-4000EnglishWaterloo
Steve Kidd(519) 744-4545EnglishKitchener
Victor Coelho(519) 772-8890English, PortugueseWaterloo
Victor Grieco, CFP®, EPC(519) 741-5585EnglishKitchener
Victoria Boily(519) 772-8890 x4EnglishWaterloo
Zack Faubert-Tetreault(519) 394-1399EnglishAyr
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Babstock Cairns Thomas Financial Inc.(519) 740-6180EnglishCambridge
Coelho Insurance & Investment Solutions Inc.(519) 772-8890EnglishWaterloo
Deverall Calma & Associates Financial Services Inc.(519) 741-1259EnglishKitchener
Reid & Associates Financial Serv.(519) 622-7526EnglishCambridge
The Nith River Group Financial Solutions Inc.(519) 394-1499EnglishAyr
The Steele Group Financial & Workplace Services Inc.(519) 622-3740EnglishCambridge
Victor Grieco and Associates Financial Solutions Inc.(519) 741-5585EnglishKitchener
Wagner, Livock & Associates(519) 570-4633EnglishKitchener