Sun Life: Fraser Gateway

Welcome to the Fraser Gateway financial centre

Our location
10470 - 152nd Street, Suite 170
Surrey, BC V3R 0Y3
Phone: (604) 588-5232
Fax: (604)581-7330
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Gregory PowellFinancial Centre Manager(604) 588-5232 x2208English
Bonna Olazo, B.S.A.Senior Associate Manager (604) 588-5232 x2227English
Zarir DadinathaAssociate Manager (604) 588-5232 x2273English
Rik Kraushar, RRC, CHS™, FPSC Level 1®Associate Manager(604) 588-5232English
Michael LabouSales Manager(604) 588-5232English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Adrian Wang, B.A.Hons.(604) 250-8527EnglishNorth Vancouver
Amrik Dhaliwal(778) 878-2570EnglishSurrey
Art Esperanza, CFP®(604) 588-5232 x2215English, FilipinoSurrey
Ashwani Devat(604) 817-0362English, Hindi, PunjabiSurrey
Bahar Fatemi Anaraky, BBA(604) 588-5253English, FarsiSurrey
Benjamin Watson, B.H.K.(778) 385-6253EnglishChilliwack
Bob Fletcher,CPA,CGA,Northmount Fin(604) 510-5232EnglishLangley
Caroline Palmer, CIM, CFP®, CLU®(604) 510-5232EnglishLangley
Christopher Campos, RHU, CFP®(604) 465-1932EnglishPitt Meadows
Christopher Powell(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
D. Olson, Pink Flamingo Financial(604) 588-5232 x2263EnglishSurrey
D. Wock, Defazio-Campos Financial(604) 465-1932EnglishPitt Meadows
David P. Cechini, CFP®, CLU®, CH.F.C.(604) 250-8527EnglishNorth Vancouver
Dawn Daughton, BA, CIM®, FCSI(604) 465-1932 x105EnglishPitt Meadows
Deepak Arya(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Doug Taylor(604) 574-8552EnglishSurrey
Fan Chen(604) 307-5623EnglishRichmond
Gene Verzosa(604) 619-0876EnglishVancouver
Gina Bool(604) 347-9330EnglishSurrey
Gina Ramos, B.A.(604) 588-5232English, TagalogSurrey
Glenn Clauzel(604) 510-5232 x222EnglishLangley
Gurpreet (Victor) Beesla(604) 583-7744EnglishSurrey
Harjinder Gill(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Hyo Jung (Jenny) Cho(778) 855-1249EnglishPort Coquitlam
Ivan Bento, MBA, BSc, RRC(604) 465-1932English, Portuguese, SpanishPitt Meadows
J. Bittle, Clauzel Bittle Fin. Sol. Inc.(604) 510-5232 x227EnglishLangley
Janet Orduyo-Dent(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Jared Strokon, BSc(604) 881-2557EnglishLangley
Jasmail Rai(604) 588-5232 x2224English, Hindi, PunjabiSurrey
Jin Shin, B.A., M.Ed.(604) 838-0904English, Japanese, KoreanSurrey
John Joseph Belbeck(604) 588-5232 x2213EnglishSurrey
John Tomlinson, CFP®, CSA(604) 230-4782EnglishSurrey
Jordan Phillips, BBA, CFP®, CPCA(604) 510-5232EnglishLangley
Judy Zhu CLU®, MBA(604) 588-5232EnglishVancouver
Ma Regina Garcia, BA, B.Sc.(778) 891-5178EnglishSurrey
Maninder Dillon(778) 788-0506English, Hindi, PunjabiSurrey
Maria (Daisy) Villarroel,EPC,BSc(604) 588-5232 x2229English, Tagalog, SpanishSurrey
Marie Cristy Victorio(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
May Monillas, BSA(604) 374-2434EnglishSurrey
Mohamed Mansour(416) 835-9339English, ArabicSurrey
Nan Xu, MBA(778) 835-3668English, MandarinVancouver
Parvinder Pangli(778) 233-0000EnglishSurrey
Phoebe Carolino(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Purushottam Thapa, M.P.A.(778) 828-3610English, Hindi, JapaneseSurrey
Rolando Ramilo, BA, CPA, CGA(604) 818-0822Ilocano, English, TagalogSurrey
Ryan Corpuz, CFP®(604) 588-5232 x2209EnglishSurrey
Shaun Jagpal(778) 889-5416EnglishRichmond
Sheila Marie Murcia B.A.(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Shivan Varma(604) 510-5232 x231EnglishLangley
Steve Clauzel(604) 510-5232 x221EnglishLangley
Tony Defazio(604) 465-1932EnglishPitt Meadows
Vilma Matienzo Pilar(604) 588-5232 x2248EnglishSurrey
Weddene Tewari(604) 588-5232EnglishSurrey
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Clauzel Bittle Financial Solutions Inc.(604) 510-5232EnglishLangley
Defazio-Campos Financial Services Inc(604) 465-1932EnglishPitt Meadows
Esperanza Financial Services Ltd.(604) 588-5232 x2215EnglishSurrey