Sun Life: Okanagan

Welcome to the Okanagan financial centre

Our location
2139 Springfield Rd.
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7X1
Phone: (250) 860-6403
Fax: (250)861-3835
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Sally Arkell-BolesSenior Associate Manager (250) 860-6403English
Kristine Sales Sales Manager (250) 860-6403English
Jason Schnitzler Financial Centre Manager(250) 860-6403English
Craig Pelletier Senior Associate Manager (250) 860-6403English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Aaron Nasipayko, CHS™(778) 475-5681EnglishVernon
Andrew Gilchrist(250) 470-4420EnglishKelowna
Andrew Robert Cleasby(778) 475-5558EnglishVernon
Barbara Dawn Ferrier(236) 420-4111EnglishKelowna
Barbara Hohner(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Brad Creed(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
C. Collard, CFP CHS(250) 545-5203EnglishVernon
Carmine Maddalena(250) 495-2161EnglishOsoyoos
Chandra Thompson, EPC(250) 832-1978EnglishSalmon Arm
Charles Duerden(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Chrissy Lwowski(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Christopher L. Gorman, MBA, CHS™, CEA, FCIP, CRM(250) 860-6403 x2231EnglishKelowna
Cliffe Fraser(250) 493-5433EnglishPenticton
Dale Lamb, B.A.(250) 470-4420EnglishKelowna
Emelia Radomske-Deptuck(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Greg MacKinnon(250) 860-6403 x2237EnglishKelowna
Ivan Dorie(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
J. McClenaghan, Forever Financial(778) 484-1925EnglishKelowna
Jacqueline Haycroft, BA(Econ)(250) 860-6403 x2244EnglishKelowna
John Ranney, CFP®, FMA, RRC(250) 860-6403 x2252EnglishKelowna
Jones Schack(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Kailee Ramsell, B.Comm(250) 852-1137EnglishSalmon Arm
Kaitlyn Gardner(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Ken Hewson, BA. Econ.(250) 542-5885EnglishVernon
Kevin Look(250) 860-6403 x2251EnglishKelowna
Kyli Haugland(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Leigh Bayley, B.Comm(250) 493-5433EnglishPenticton
Leslee Lucy, CFP®, CPCA(250) 574-4730EnglishMerritt
Letisha Pfenning(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Lisa Taylor(250) 300-9990EnglishKelowna
Loren Desautels(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Lulu McKay(778) 581-8586EnglishPenticton
Matthew Ewonus, B.A., CLA(250) 860-6403 x2218EnglishKelowna
Mitchell James Orton(236) 420-4111EnglishKelowna
Neil MacDonald(250) 493-5433EnglishPenticton
Rachel Barbieri(778) 484-1925EnglishKelowna
Randy Wilson(778) 475-5558 Toll Free: 1-844-593-5560 EnglishVernon
Reuben Erhardt(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Richard William Ferrier(236) 420-4111EnglishKelowna
Rob Berget(250) 860-6403 x2222EnglishKelowna
Robert Kroeker, B.A., B.Ed, RRC(250) 328-5242EnglishPenticton
Steven Klassen(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
T. Michelle Aucoin, BA, MA(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Ted Duck(236) 420-4111EnglishKelowna
Terry Baril, CLU®(778) 484-1925EnglishKelowna
Wayne Henrikson(250) 860-6403 x2210EnglishKelowna
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Financial Dream Solutions Inc.(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna
Hewson Financial Services Ltd.(250) 542-5885EnglishVernon
Latitude Financial Services Inc.(250) 860-6403EnglishKelowna