Sun Life: Northumberland

Welcome to the Northumberland financial centre

Our location
1133 St. George Boulevard
Suite 400
Moncton, NB E1E4E1
Phone: (506) 857-3663
Fax: 506-383-1946
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Ryan Adams, B.A.District Director(506) 857-3663English
Alana JohnsonBusiness Development Partner 506-857-3663 ext 2237English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Alex Xu(506) 857-3663EnglishMoncton
Andrea Rafferty, CHS™(506) 857-3663 x2228EnglishMoncton
B. LeBlanc, Symes & Fraser Fin.(506) 858-5959EnglishMoncton
Brett Murphy(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
Brian Fisher(506) 857-3663EnglishMoncton
Brock Murphy, CFP®(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
Carla Ayles, CHS™, B.A.(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
Charles Symes, CFP®, CLU®, CH.F.C.(506) 858-5959EnglishMoncton
Chris Cormier, BFS(506) 857-3663EnglishMoncton
Chuck Schembri(506) 874-1761EnglishMoncton
Diane Williams, RHU(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Dong Hwan (Jack) Lee(506) 857-3663 x2289EnglishMoncton
Gino Frenette(506) 226-2838EnglishMoncton
Greg Dickinson, BA(506) 857-3663 x2224EnglishMoncton
Helen Cruickshank(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Jared Wilson(506) 874-6802EnglishMoncton
Jeffrey Cosman, BBA(506) 855-3987EnglishMoncton
Jessica Roach(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
John Maisey, CLU®, CHS™, FPSC Level 1®(506) 854-6660English, FrenchMoncton
Kevin R Williams, CFP®, CLU®, RHU(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Khaleelurrahman(Khaleel), B.Comm.(506) 857-3663 x2277EnglishMoncton
Lorne Hammond(506) 232-8700EnglishMoncton
Marc Godin, RHU(506) 961-1216English, FrenchDieppe
Matthew Young(506) 233-7919EnglishMoncton
Nicolas Manuel, RHU(506) 854-3663English, FrenchMoncton
Paul R. Cormier(506) 532-0616English, FrenchShediac
Robert LeBlanc(506) 857-3663EnglishMoncton
Robert Symes(506) 858-5959EnglishMoncton
Ryan Doucette(506) 874-9199EnglishMoncton
Services Financiers Michel Butler
Michel Butler
(506) 764-3238French, EnglishPaquetville
Shannon Tatlock, CFP®, BA, BEd.(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Solutions Financieres Remi Bergeron Financial Solutions Inc.(506) 857-3663 x2229French, EnglishMoncton
Sophie Goguen(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Stephen F. Smith(506) 857-3663 x2258EnglishMoncton
Vicki White, CFP® , CHS™(506) 546-2100EnglishBathurst
William E. Black, CFP®, BPE, M.Sc.(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
Xiaopan (Claire) Wang(506) 875-3230EnglishMoncton
Zackariah Cahill, B.Comm.(506) 854-3663EnglishMoncton
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Cosman Financial Services Inc.(506) 855-3987EnglishMoncton
Kevin R Williams Financial Services(506) 856-7952EnglishMoncton
Symes & Fraser Financial Services(506) 858-5959EnglishMoncton