Sun Life: Montréal

Welcome to the Montréal financial centre

Our location
1001, Carré Dorchester
Bureau 600
Montréal, QC H3B 1N1
Phone: (514) 866-5811
Fax: 514-731-9782
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Claude CôtéFinancial Centre Manager(514) 866-5811 x2201French, English
Michel Chammas, A.V.C., Pl. fin.Senior Associate Manager(514) 866-5811French, English, Arabic
Danny JulienSenior Associate Manager(514) 866-5811 x2287French, English
Antonio Di MambroAssociate Manager(514) 866-5811English, French
Li-Wen ChuangAssociate Manager(514) 866-5811 x2218English, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin
Irina AndricSales Manager(514) 866-5811 x2265English
Jacinta Panganiban, B.Comm.,F.Pl.Sales Manager(514) 866-5811 x2220English
Irina AndricAssociate Manager(514) 866-5811 x2265English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
A.Demets, Solutions Financières Demets inc.(514) 731-2740 x202French, EnglishMontréal
Alain Levasseur(450) 455-4954French, EnglishSt-Lazare
Alfonso Coscia RLU(514) 731-7961 x2223English, French, ItalianMontréal
Alfonso Xavier Borbor Cordova(514) 569-2042English, SpanishMontreal
Annabel Gantala(514) 691-7006EnglishMontréal
Christiando Pava(514) 649-2863EnglishMontréal
Christiane Van Bolhuis, B.A.A., A.V.A., Pl. Fin.(514) 866-5811 x2217French, EnglishMontréal
Chung Yan Au(514) 866-5811EnglishMontréal
Derwin Mandap Collantes(514) 924-3274English, Filipino, FrenchMontréal
Donovan Onofre(438) 862-3490EnglishMontréal
Edelyn Iparoza Castro(514) 581-7344English, Cebuano, Filipino, French, TagalogMontréal
Editha Canlas, B.Sc.(514) 813-4322EnglishMontréal
Emma Naliane Mane(514) 746-2217FrenchMontréal
Emmanuel Kalumwani Ntumba(514) 646-1545FrenchMontreal
Emna Mzabi(438) 832-0212FrenchWestmount
Eric Pepe, B.Comm.(514) 295-2143EnglishMontréal
Errol Johnson, B.A.(514) 866-5811 x2224EnglishMontréal
Fabien Thyard(438) 490-8812FrenchMontréal
Fatima Hadji, H&L Services Financiers Inc.(514) 866-5811 x2299FrenchMontréal
Felimon Tadeo(514) 572-4538EnglishMontreal
Fernande Ngninzeko Ngounou(514) 867-6982French, EnglishPierrefonds
Francesco Varuzza(514) 731-7961 x2251English, French, ItalianMontréal
Genesa Lupos(514) 867-9514EnglishMontreal
Georgios Kalogerakis(438) 932-7468English, GreekMontreal
Gerald Moore(514) 726-1582EnglishCote St. Luc
Hai Yi Huang,B.Ing.,MA(Econ)(514) 559-1321EnglishMontréal
Hao Li(514) 621-7073English, MandarinLongueuil
Hao Wu(514) 560-8079EnglishBrossard
Huan Chen, B.Comm(514) 813-6806English, Cantonese, MandarinMontréal
Ismail Benjelloun(438) 863-8643French, EnglishMontreal
J. Sun, Services Financiers RenyuXu inc.(438) 638-9948EnglishMontréal
J.Wallace,Solutions Financières Wallace & VanBolhuis Inc.(514) 866-5811 x2213English, FrenchMontréal
Jessica Manuel(514) 813-0410EnglishMontréal
Jinfa Li(514) 649-5588EnglishMontreal
Jing Cheng Mao, B.Admin.(514) 825-2188EnglishMontréal
Jo-Anne Sabile(514) 568-6983EnglishMontreal
Joanne Beaupré-Roberge,AVA,Pl. fin.(514) 731-7961 x2266French, EnglishMontréal
Jocelyne Blais(514) 866-5811 x2216English, FrenchMontréal
Jon-Carlo Santangelo(514) 813-8812English, FrenchMontréal
Juanito Buenio(514) 225-9216EnglishMontreal
Julian Charles(514) 497-4990EnglishMontréal
Julien Ringuette(514) 318-9518French, EnglishMontréal
Ka Shing Li(438) 932-9998FrenchMontreal
Larry Elman, B.A., M.C.Applied(514) 770-4209EnglishMontréal
Liberty Li Hung Shun(514) 836-1205EnglishMontreal
Lisa Joy Abellera(514) 465-0886English, Ilocano, TagalogMontréal
Lu Jia(514) 573-7130EnglishMontreal
Maithely Navaneethan, B.Comm.(514) 952-8482English, TamilMontreal
Maria Pace(514) 572-4356English, French, ItalianMontréal
Mark Lafrance-Fugère, LL.M.(514) 941-2443French, English, SpanishMontréal
Mauro Jason Baldassarre(514) 621-0898EnglishMontreal
Maxime Lévesque(514) 707-9424French, EnglishSaint-Léonard
Mengyun Li, M.A.(514) 662-5677EnglishSaint-Laurent
Mohammad Kamrul Hossain(438) 995-7764EnglishMontreal
My Thi Hong(514) 866-5811 x2280English, CantoneseMontréal
P.Turner,Serv. fin. Coscia & Turner(514) 866-5811 x2274FrenchMontréal
Patrick Surbey Bougie(514) 688-3113English, FrenchMontréal
Paul Marchand(514) 866-5811 x2227EnglishMontréal
Phet Anong Virasack(514) 947-9618FrenchMontreal
Pia Dulce Bautista(514) 839-0327EnglishMontréal
Pierre Franzidis, CLU(514) 866-5811 x2286English, Greek, French, ItalianMontréal
Ping Li, B.Comm., F.Pl.(514) 898-7464English, Cantonese, MandarinSt-Eustache
Ren Yu Xu(438) 638-9948EnglishMontreal
René Desjarlais-Pitre(514) 265-6924English, FrenchMontréal
Rocco Insogna B.A.(514) 792-5707EnglishMontréal
Ronald Connors, CLU, F.Pl.(514) 731-7961 x2235English, FrenchMontréal
Ronald Laughlin, B.Comm., CLU®(514) 731-7961 x2219EnglishMontréal
Selvananthini Prabhakaran, B.A.(514) 443-9089EnglishPierrefonds
Sergio Lopes, B.A.A., Pl. Fin., H&L Services Financiers Inc.(514) 866-5811 x2281FrenchMontréal
Solange Pini(514) 866-5811 x2284FrenchMontréal
Solutions Financières Nicholas Dirani inc.(514) 731-2740French, EnglishMontréal
Stanly Kanags, BA (Hons)(514) 824-1000EnglishMontréal
Uyen Phuong Tran(514) 963-4296EnglishMontreal
Viken Jakalian(514) 463-1229Armenian, English, FrenchLaval
Wei He(514) 999-5088FrenchSaint-Laurent
Wei Liu, M.Sc.(514) 606-6767EnglishBeaconsfield
Winston Yiu Fai Chan, B.Sc.(514) 262-8299English, Cantonese, MandarinBrossard
Xiu Yun Tang(514) 513-0331EnglishMontréal
Yan Hong Michelle Lu, B.Comm.(514) 830-1688English, Cantonese, MandarinMontreal
Yanting Wu(514) 638-7846EnglishKirkland
Yi Bing Liu, B.Comm.(514) 571-9044EnglishCote St. Luc
Yi Yi Sun, B.Sc.(438) 788-8088English, French, Cantonese, MandarinMontreal
Yuan Li, M.Sc.(514) 559-4226EnglishMontreal
Yun Xiu Guo(514) 677-2658EnglishMontréal
Zahra Jafari(438) 877-5861EnglishMontreal
Zhaojie Yang(514) 690-0524FrenchSaint-Laurent
Zijian Wang(514) 290-3566EnglishMontreal
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
H&L Services Financiers Inc.(514) 866-5811FrenchMontréal
Services financiers Marchand, Fairchild, Blais inc.(514) 866-5811 x2227English, FrenchMontréal
Services Financiers RenyuXu Inc.(438) 638-9948EnglishMontreal
Solutions financières Wallace & VanBolhuis inc(514) 866-5811English, FrenchMontréal