Sun Life: Ottawa Capital

Welcome to the Ottawa Capital financial centre

Our location
333 Preston Street
Suite 800
Ottawa, ON K1S 5N4
Phone: (613) 567-9700
Fax: 613-230-7450
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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About our financial centre
Our advisors have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together, we can create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. We'll help you get the most out of it.
Community involvement
Our financial centre is committed to making a positive difference in our community. We work to be responsible citizens by giving back to the communities where we all live, work and do business.
Manager nameTitlePhoneLanguage
Darren L. Howe, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C. Financial Centre Manager(613) 567-9700 x2215English
Tracey Powers Senior Associate Manager(613) 567-9700 x2258English
Shaundra Oelsner Senior Associate Manager(613) 567-9700 x2251English
Taha Al-DabaghAssociate Manager (613) 567-9700 x2261English
Katina Michelis M.Sc.Associate Manager(613) 567-9700 x2287Greek, English, French
Steve Adams BBA, MBA Associate Manager(613) 567-9700 x2307English
Stephen Cordani Sales Manager(613) 567-9700 x2213English
Christian Stelmach Sales Manager(613) 567-9700 x2297English
Advisor namePhoneLanguageOffice location
Abdul-Jabbar Abdurrahman(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Ada Zhao Financial Solutions Inc.(613) 286-1382English, Cantonese, MandarinOttawa
Airlie Graham(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Alessio Monterosso(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Alex Burpee(613) 567-9700 x2208EnglishOttawa
Alex Serra(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
B. Evans, Lifelong Financial Sol.(613) 692-0804EnglishManotick
Bahar Marvizi Fin. Solutions Inc(613) 567-9700 x2216EnglishOttawa
Betty Lo(613) 567-9700 x236EnglishOttawa
Bill MacMillan, CFP, B.Th(613) 567-9700 x2224EnglishOttawa
Bonnie Castillo, B.Sc.(613) 567-9700 x2301EnglishOttawa
Brodie Johnston(613) 883-4611EnglishOttawa
Bryonie Baxter(613) 258-2939EnglishKemptville
Bryson Kuno, CHS(613) 216-2499EnglishOttawa
Buena Grace Dejoode(613) 447-4368EnglishBraeside
Carl-André Potier(438) 886-8608English, FrenchOttawa
Chantal Malette(613) 857-9530EnglishCurran
Christine M. Gibbard(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Chung-Kid Hu, CLU, CH.F.C.(613) 567-9700 x2222EnglishOttawa
Colleen Bloom(613) 315-9785EnglishArnprior
Colleen Sutherland(613) 732-1374EnglishPembroke
Connie Tang, B.Sc.(613) 255-8766English, Cantonese, MandarinNepean
Craig Savill(613) 797-0902EnglishManotick
Dan De Castro(613) 783-3333EnglishOttawa
Darlene Folkard(613) 715-2251EnglishCarleton Place
Darren Ladouceur, B.Comm, MBA(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
David Walter, Lifelong Fin. Sol. Inc.(888) 291-2942 x220EnglishManotick
Denis Roy, CFP®, CLU®, CH.F.C(613) 837-7400English, FrenchOrleans
Dion Dicks B.A., B.R.E.(613) 623-9981EnglishStittsville
Drew Wallace Ross(613) 435-5606EnglishKanata
Grant M. Best, B.Admin.(613) 838-8399EnglishRichmond
Henry Yeung, CFP®, CLU®(613) 567-9700 x2281English, Cantonese, MandarinOttawa
Hilary O'Neill(613) 717-6222EnglishEganville
Huguette Dionne, CFP®, CLU®, CHS™, EPC(613) 837-7400EnglishOrleans
Jacob Ogunlade(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Jamie Lynn Young , B.A.(613) 618-4399EnglishOttawa
Jason Courteau, CHS™(613) 447-1660EnglishOttawa
Jean-Marc Boucher(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Jean-Paul Mubedi(613) 567-9700FrenchOttawa
Jeff Duffey, CFP®(613) 567-9700 x2244EnglishOttawa
Jennifer Bewick(613) 263-8322EnglishStittsville
Jerry A. Courteau, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.(613) 567-9700 x2201English, FrenchOttawa
Joel Murray, B.Math, RRC(613) 567-9700 x2413EnglishOttawa
Josée Lyne Soum(613) 298-0162English, FrenchOttawa
Katioucha Numa Telasco(613) 567-9700English, FrenchOttawa
Kevin Parker(613) 795-3562EnglishOttawa
Khaled Mansour, CFP(613) 567-9700 x2217English, ArabicOttawa
Kyle Blohm(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Kyle Seabrooke(613) 567-9700 x2219EnglishOttawa
Larry Martin(613) 692-0804EnglishManotick
Lito Sare(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Logan Liu(613) 265-5188English, MandarinOttawa
Luc Martin, RRC(613) 837-7400 x224English, FrenchOrleans
M.Ding,Sunnyville Financial Sol.(613) 567-9700 x2242English, MandarinOttawa
Marina Petrova(613) 567-9700 x2212EnglishOttawa
Marjorie Massia(613) 527-2070EnglishApple Hill
Mark Ciancibello(613) 567-9700 x2291EnglishOttawa
Mark Craig(613) 692-0804EnglishManotick
Martin Goudreault, B.Comm(Hons)(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Mary Farrell(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Mathieu Chatelain(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Michael Charles Read, Ph.D(613) 567-9700 x2422EnglishOttawa
Michael Ciancibello, RRC, RHU(613) 567-9700 x2200EnglishOttawa
Murphy Hou(647) 330-9139EnglishMississauga
Natasha Janjic(613) 567-9700 x2294EnglishOttawa
Patrick Fitzgerald B.A., CFP, RHU(613) 692-0804 x4EnglishManotick
Peggy MacGregor(613) 316-6065EnglishPembroke
Pierre Boucher(613) 567-9700 x2266English, FrenchOttawa
Qi Luo(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Rob Cartwright(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Robert McLaughlin, CLU, CH.F.C(613) 732-2881EnglishPembroke
Rosemary Mallon(613) 692-0355EnglishNepean
Ryan Begin(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Ryan Kehoe(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Sarah Del Rosario(613) 783-3333EnglishOttawa
Sean A. Salter(613) 697-4705EnglishOttawa
Sebastien Landry(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Shaun Banys(613) 797-3467EnglishOttawa
Shawn Ryan(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Sonia Del Rosario(613) 783-3333English, TagalogOttawa
Stephanie Canham(616) 216-2499EnglishOttawa
Steven A. Duford, CFP® B.A.(613) 837-7400 x223English, FrenchOrleans
Terry Fraser(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Terry H. Lambert, CFP®, CPCA, RRC(613) 692-0355EnglishNepean
Timothy Boone(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Tracy Daly(613) 567-9700 x2277EnglishOttawa
Trevor Findlay(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Tri-Quang Huynh, B.Comm.(613) 783-3333EnglishOttawa
Wendy Tran, CFP®(613) 722-8188EnglishOttawa
Wendy Zhang(613) 324-6688English, MandarinNepean
Yara Aboukhamis(613) 567-9700EnglishOttawa
Multi-advisor corporation namePhoneLanguageOffice location
del Rosario Financial Services Inc.(613) 783-3333EnglishOttawa
Lifelong Financial Solutions Inc.(613) 692-0804EnglishManotick