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You've been saving for years, and now that you're so close to retirement, you might be wondering what to do next or what your options are. Or maybe you've recently retired - but aren't certain that you have a plan that will support you for as long as you need it.

Visit My retirement café and find the information that you need. This interactive, flash website will walk you through the steps of moving from full-time work to enjoying the retirement lifestyle that is unique to you.

My retirement café gives you information on retirement planning. You'll gain insight into pension plans, ways to minimize taxes, the potential expenses in retirement, and a few risks that you may face in retirement. You can customize the information in a way that works for you - so you feel more prepared when discussing your retirement plan with your advisor.

You can use the calculators on the website to determine your retirement expenses and income. You might want to complete the retirement lifestyle questionnaire to see if you and your partner have a similar vision of what your retirement lifestyle will look like. Learn more about the joys and challenges you could face in retirement by playing the Retirement Life Game. Check out News & views for articles, interviews and events, interactive polls, questions of the week, and to comment on postings.

So start your journey in retirement by visiting My retirement café and our other tools and calculators.

Note: My retirement café is not optimized for mobile devices.