Prescription drugs

Prescription drug coverage is for medicines prescribed by a physician or dentist and dispensed by a registered pharmacist.

Smoking cessation aids requiring a prescription are covered to a lifetime maximum of $250.

In all provinces except Quebec, you'll receive a Pay Direct Drug card to be used at the pharmacy when purchasing medications. When you present this card to your pharmacist, the portion that is covered by the plan will be paid automatically. You just pay the remainder of the cost at the pharmacy counter.

For Quebec residents, the Pay Direct Drug card is not available. If you live in Quebec you'll need to complete a claims form and submit it after you've applied for reimbursement under your provincial plan.

Personal health insurance excludes:

  • contraceptives (oral contraceptives are covered under the Enhanced plan)
  • fertility drugs
  • dietary supplements, vitamins
  • over-the-counter medications, even if prescribed by a physician
  • drugs to treat obesity