Critical illness insurance


What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance offers help paying costs associated with life-altering illnesses. If you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a lump sum cash payment - you decide how to spend the money.

We offer 2 critical illness insurance products:

  SunSpectrum Basic Critical Illness Insurance Sun Critical Illness Insurance
Illnesses covered 4 full payout illnesses 25 full payout illnesses,
4 partial payout illnesses,
5 childhood illnesses (plus 2 additional illnesses starting at the policy anniversary following the child's 18th birthday)
Additional covered illnesses None Loss of independent existence (an additional covered illness)
  • This illness can be added to adult /Plans
  • This illness is included in child /Plans, and a claim can be made after the policy anniversary nearest the child's 18th birthday
Available /Plans

T25 or ends at age 65, whichever comes first

Non-renewable coverage for 25 years or to age 65

Choice of single life or joint coverage

10-year renewable term insurance with protection to age 75

Level term insurance with protection to age 75. 2 payment options:

  • pay to age 75 or
  • pay for 15 years.

T100 (Lifetime)
Level permanent insurance with protection for life. 3 payment options:

  • pay to age 100,
  • pay for 15 years, or
  • pay for 10 years.
Benefit amounts you can buy $50,000 to $500,000
Age limits 18 to 50
Other services? None Best Doctors® services
Includes Loss of independent existence (automatically included on child /Plans only)
Options you can choose
What's the cost? Varies with gender, age, smoking status, medical history and other factors. Varies with gender, age, smoking status, medical history and other factors.
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