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Survey shows health is the top reason Canadians didn't retire as planned.

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Raising funds for JDRF with the Canadian Football League.

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Canadian leaders

Kevin Dougherty, President, Sun Life Financial Canada
Interview topics include: Wealth management, retirement trends, Sun Life Financial Canada's strategy and quarterly results
Kevin Dougherty is President of Sun life Financial Canada. He is responsible for the company’s group benefits, group retirement services, individual wealth, insurance and investment management business in Canada.
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Isabelle Hudon, President, Sun Life Financial, Quebec
Interview topics include: Sun Life Financial Canada's strategy in Quebec, leadership insight
Isabelle Hudon has been Sun Life Financial's Quebec president since August 2010. In this role, she oversees activities supporting the company's growth and commitment to the community. Backed by the Quebec leadership team, created in the spring of 2011, she also ensures that the corporate strategy is delivered to best meet the needs of the Quebec market.
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Sun Life Global Investments

Rick Headrick, President, Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc.
Interview topics include: Mutual fund industry in Canada, Sun Life Global Investments' strategy
Rick Headrick is President of Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc. In this role, Rick has overall responsibility for the development, management and growth of the investment company. He works with investment colleagues across Canada, the United States and Asia to encourage investment products development and facilitate the sharing of knowledge across Sun Life Financial's investment management community.
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Sadiq Adatia, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc.
Interview topics include:
Domestic and global economic trends, Canadian market commentary, investment trends, tips on investing, portfolio management and emerging markets
Sadiq Adatia is Chief Investment Officer for Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc. and manages the Sun Life Global Investments Portfolio Management Team. In this role, Sadiq is accountable for bringing clients the best in asset management and innovative solutions from around the worlds. He leverages his investment expertise to provide investment commentary to clients and media.
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Individual Insurance and Investments

Brigitte Parent, Senior Vice-President, Individual Insurance and Wealth
Interview topics include: Life, health and wealth planning, income strategies for baby boomers
Brigitte Parent is Senior Vice-President, Individual Insurance and Wealth for Sun Life Financial Canada. The individual business supports Canadians with financial, estate and retirement planning. In this role, Brigitte oversees the creation and distribution of insurance and wealth management products and solutions for individual insurance and investments. She is responsible for steering the business unit's strategy of delivering holistic advice through Sun Life's Career Sales Force and Third Party distribution channel, as well as growing the wealth management business and retirement market. An experienced leader, she is well known for her commitment to service excellence, innovations and building strong relationships with customers and advisors.
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Group Retirement Services

Tom Reid, Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services
Interview topics include: Pensions, Pooled Registered Pension Plans, group retirement savings, workplace pension plans
Tom Reid is Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services (GRS), Sun Life Financial Canada. In this role, Tom oversees Canada’s largest provider of defined contribution pension arrangements, covering over 1 million Canadians.
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Group Benefits

Stuart Monteith, Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits
Interview topics include: Workplace benefits, disability, wellness
Stuart Monteith joined Sun Life Financial in October 2008. In this role, he sets the direction for Group Benefits and oversees all business unit initiatives to ensure they are aligned with Sun Life Financial's overall goals.
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Robert Dumas, Senior Vice-President, Group Business, Quebec
Interview topics include: Risk management and financial strategies in retirement services
Robert Dumas is Senior Vice-President, Group Business, Quebec. In this role, he leads teams and directs strategies for the Group Retirement Services and Group Benefits areas of our business in the Quebec market.
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