The future of e-claims is getting brighter


# 186
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Earlier this year you heard about the feedback that plan members gave us during the Making life brighter contest, and we shared examples of their insights.


They gave us some great suggestions about ways we can improve and expand our Plan Member Services website.


We listened. Soon we’ll be ready to tell you more…




Please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.








…I love the online services that Sun Life   Financial offers…  

  –  Kristina M


…I cannot emphasize enough the benefit of being able to make claims online for direct deposit…” 

  –  Alison D


…I find submitting claims electronically quick and efficient. I would like to suggest adding submitting Massage Therapy  electronically, as we still have to submit paper claims by mail. Thank you.

  –  Elaine Y


…I truly have never had a better experience claiming…” 

   –  Tina L


…It is so easy to submit claims with the online system. It literally takes only a few minutes…” 

   –  Grace C


…I can’t believe how much easier Sun Life has made my life…”  

   –  Jeannette P