Summer 2009 issue of our award-winning Benefit Bulletin is now available

PDF version

The latest issue of Benefit Bulletin, our plan member newsletter, is now available.

Designed to help plan members understand their benefits, plan members can soon access Benefit Bulletin on our Plan Member Services website, once they sign in using their access ID and password.

 In this issue:

  • What is PVS?
  • What does “preventative dental recall date” mean?
  • How are claim payments calculated?
  • Understanding orthotics and orthopaedic shoe claims
  • Want to make the most of your benefits? Know your coverage

Please share Benefit Bulletin Summer 2009 with your employees.

Have you had a chance to see our Benefit Bulletin Spring 2009 issue? Feel free to share it with your employees also if you haven’t already!

You can download and print it, send it by e-mail or post it on your intranet.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.