Preferred Vision and Hearing Services (PVS) now open to all Sun Life Group Benefits plan members

PDF Version

PVS (also known as Preferred Vision Services Inc. or Preferred Vision and Hearing Services) is a growing network of over 1,000 health care service professionals offering savings on products and services for eyes and ears.

Effective March 1, 2011 the PVS network and savings program will be expanded to include all plan members covered by a Sun Life group benefits plan.  Previously, only plan members covered under a Sun Life Extended Health Care plan were eligible.  There is no additional charge to your plan for this value added feature.

The PVS network now includes hearing care practitioners and hearing aid providers.  Building on previous improvements to the network, such as the addition of providers of laser eye correction surgery services and online internet eyewear providers, this lets members save on a larger variety of healthcare services and products. Helping your members save at time of purchase can give them better value from their benefits plan.

To promote the program and give members clear proof of eligibility when visiting a PVS provider, we have created a new, informative brochure which includes a push-out card.  A printable PDF version of this brochure with a cut-out card is also available. If your members have access to the secured portion of our plan member website, please let them know that they can download this brochure by signing in to

We recommend that you distribute the PDF brochure to your members so they can get immediate access to the card. Alternatively, you can order a stock of brochures with push-out cards from your Sun Life Financial Group Representative.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.