Introducing Best Doctors to SLF Group CI plans!


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To help ensure you are able to offer your plan members a market-leading critical illness insurance plan, Sun Life Financial is pleased to announce that insured plan members will now have access to the industry-leading Best Doctors® as part of their Group Critical Illness Insurance plan.

Working in partnership with Best Doctors, SLF Group Benefits is pleased to offer a more competitive, member-focused protection plan. As an enhancement to the Group Critical Illness Insurance plan, insured plan members, their spouse and dependent children will now have access to the Best Doctors medical services to help assist in their recovery.

Best Doctors is a confidential service that works in partnership with the member and their treating physician to help verify the diagnosis and best treatment options. Should the member be diagnosed with, or suspect they suffer from, a serious medical condition1, they will be connected with a Member Advocate, a Registered Nurse, who will be dedicated to their case and will provide support throughout the entire process. Best Doctors services include:

  • InterConsultation™ - an in-depth review of member’s medical files to confirm diagnosis and treatment options. The InterConsultation process can help your member’s treating physician determine the proper course of action.
  • FindBestDoc™ - a customized search of the Best Doctors database of 50,000 specialists to refer the best qualified medical expert to help to meet the member’s specific needs. Best Doctors will arrange a referral2, necessary appointments and can help book accommodations if out-of-town travel is required3.
  • FindBestCare™ - access to hospital and doctor discounts if out-of-country care is necessary. Best Doctors will ensure vital information is sent to the medical specialist involved and will continually monitor the member’s treatment process to help ensure their medical priorities are met. If the member needs to travel away from home to receive medical treatment, Best Doctors can assist with reservations and accommodations3.
  • Best Doctors 360o- a unique program designed to help members navigate the healthcare system by providing one-on-one support, customized advice and guidance personally delivered to each member.

Best Doctors will be made available through all Sun Life Group Critical Illness Insurance plans. If you currently offer Group Critical Illness Insurance as part of your benefits plan, Best Doctors will be added at your annual renewal or earlier, if requested.

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Should you require additional information or support in communicating these changes to your plan members, please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.

Best Doctors is not an agent, representative or service provider of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. All representations about the services of Best Doctors are those of Best Doctors Inc., and not Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Sun Life cannot guarantee the availability of Best Doctors, and reserves the right to cancel the service at any time.

1 Excludes mental, nervous and chronic pain conditions (e.g. Fibromyalgia).

2 Access to a Canadian specialist requires a referral from a treating physician.

3 Expenses relating to FindBestDoc and FindBestCare for travel, lodging and treatments are the responsibility of the insured.

®   BEST DOCTORS and other trademarks shown are trademarks of Best Doctors, Inc. Used under license.