Formatting changes to the ‘Create your own report’ feature

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Some minor formatting adjustments are being made to the above-noted feature, within the Group Benefits Administration (GBA) application. As a result, you may notice some slight differences in the look of this feature and your requested reports.

When will these format changes be effective?

As of October 18, 2009, these changes will be implemented.

Reports run prior to October 18, 2009, will no longer be available

As part of the implementation, any reports run prior to this date, which are normally kept for 7 days, will be removed from the application. Should you need these reports, please save them to your local drive before this date.  

Accessing the Create your own report feature

There has been no change in accessing the Create your own report feature. Simply sign into the Plan Sponsor Services (PSS) website with your Access ID and password, and select the Group Benefits Administration application. The Create your own report function can be found under the Billing & Reports Menu item.


If you have any questions, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.