Global2Go – we have your expatriate employees covered!

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new expatriate benefits solution – Global2Go.

Global2Go has your expatriates covered with a comprehensive plan that lets them take care of business while we take care of their benefits.

We have arranged to make this new product available to you through Mobility Saint Honore International (MSH International), a leading provider of expatriate insurance, underwritten by two world class insurers – Lloyd’s of London and Hauteville (a subsidiary of Allianz Insurance Company).

Global2Go is what you’ve been asking for…

  • It’s suitable for all Sun Life Group Benefits plan sponsors with one or more expatriates.
  • It covers almost every country on the globe.
  • It includes all benefits – medical, dental, life, disability, EAP and war risk coverage.
  • It offers a superior service experience – round-the-clock call centre support, an easy claiming process and claims payments available in local currency.

Global2Go  - a new addition to our International Benefits portfolio:

  • **NEW** Global2Go – for Canadian employers with expatriate employees around the world.
  • North2South Benefits Solution™   – for Canadian employers with 2 to 24 employees working in the United States. The solution includes a full range of benefits.
  • Inpatriate Health Plan  – for Canadian employers with employees who have recently arrived or returned to Canada, and need  basic health coverage during the waiting period for the government sponsored health plan.
  • Cross-border  – for Canadian employers with employees in both Canada and the United States, this product leverages the strengths of Sun Life benefits on both sides of the U.S.A.-Canada border.
  • Multinational pooling solutions  – for global employers with benefit plans in various countries.


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