New Focus Update email newsletter coming soon!!

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Today, when a new Focus Update is available, you receive a plain text email from a representative in your region pointing you to the landing page to read the new articles that have been posted.  Starting next week, you will be sent a customized email newsletter that outlines the newest Focus Updates with links to individual articles that are posted online.

One less click for you!

This email newsletter will allow you to easily pick which articles you want to read and will provide direct links to the content you’re looking for.  You no longer have to go to the focus update landing page and select which articles are appealing to you.  The newsletter will also be web and mobile optimized, so you can view the email as a web page or on your mobile device whenever you need to!

What to look for

Starting next week, you will no longer be receiving an email from your regional representative; instead, look for an email from “Sun Life Financial Focus Update” in your inbox.  Our Focus Update distribution schedule has not changed- just the format in which you receive it. When you get the new email, check out the new features, and be sure to tell us what you think!!

If you don’t start receiving the new email newsletter next week, please talk to your group benefits representative to ensure that you get added to the distribution list!

Coming soon         

We are always looking at ways to further enhance your experience with us and are currently looking at adding RSS functionality to our Focus Update landing page. You’ll be able to receive notification when a new article is posted, instead of having to wait for an email in your inbox from us!


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.