Decode the Gen Y workforce and their impact on group benefits

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You’ve told us you want to know more about your Generation Y employees (born between 1982 and 1993), how they are changing the workplace, and what they want in Group Benefits.  As a result of this demand for insight, Sun Life, in partnership with Ipsos Reid, has conducted a research into the mindset and group benefits needs of the Gen Y workforce. We’ve published the results in our second Group Benefits Bright Paper: Harness the potential of Generation Y: their growing influence and unique group benefit needs.

This publication examines the mindset of Generation Y, the most connected generation to enter the workforce. Through our research we have learned that Gen Y employees want group benefits solutions that are personalized to them, convenient, and have a strong digital experience. They also want information conveyed to them quickly and clearly.

This Bright Paper is a great way for us to share insights into Gen Y’s unique characteristics with plan sponsors like you, and help you understand how you can use technology and customization to meet Gen Y’s needs. This Bright Paper also features an augmented reality marker that works with computer webcams to launch an interactive 3D video that explains the benefits of e-claims. The Bright Paper is available online at

What is augmented reality and how can it help you speak to Gen Y employees?

Augmented reality is a new way of delivering messages that engage plan members: It combines live video and computer-generated images to interact with the environment around the user. It has the potential to transform the way we communicate and do business.

Augmented reality technology adds additional layers of information to the real world. For example, smartphone apps use GPS technology and your phone’s camera to map directions to local businesses or public transit.

Sun Life is launching its first foray into the world of augmented reality with an interactive 3D video that explains the benefits of e-claims. You can use your computer webcam to experience a 3D animation of a typical Gen Y plan member speaking about e-claims, who seems to appear in the space between the user and the computer monitor.

Along with this Focus Update, we have sent you information for your employees on how augmented reality works that you can send by email or post on your intranet.

Augmented reality marker

To activate the augmented reality video, users will need an augmented reality ‘marker’ that serves as a target for the webcam. This marker can be found on page 9 of the Harness the potential of Generation Y Bright Paper, and is also available online at We also have plans to add the marker to publications such as the My Coverage guide.

Don’t have a webcam?

Because not all employees have webcams on their computers, we’ve also developed a regular format video that allows you to see how augmented reality works before trying it yourself. It is available online at and on our Sun Life YouTube channel (

This augmented reality 3D animation was created as a new way to engage our Generation Y plan members, who prefer to receive information through digital media, and who have told us they want to receive information in easy-to-understand formats.

What you need:

Try it now! To launch the augmented reality animation, you will need:

  • an Internet connection  to open the page:
  • a webcam that is connected to your computer (i.e., not a smartphone camera)
  • Adobe Flash Player (Available as a free download at
  • The augmented reality marker (found on page 9 of the Harness the potential of Generation Y Bright Paper)


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.