Administrative Services Only (ASO) - updates to Plan Member Booklet

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We received a lot of feedback regarding Focus Update #265 that was distributed on January 27.  In light of these comments we are making some changes to our new ASO booklet wording to make it clearer.

The new wording:

The contract holder, <Name of the contract holder>, self-insures the <XXX> benefit.   This means <Name of the contract holder> has the sole legal and financial liability for this benefit and funds the claims.  Sun Life provides administrative services only (ASO) such as claims adjudication and claims processing. 

This wording will apply to all plan member booklets for new ASO benefit plans and all existing LTD plans. If your ASO Health, Dental and STD plan member booklets currently have our standard ASO wording or an approved variation on our standard ASO wording then no change is required.

In the absence of relevant ASO wording under any ASO benefit plan member booklet, the new wording will apply. You will see the change incorporated into your booklets at your next revision. 


If you require more information, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.