Upgrade to report software coming soon


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Sun Life Financial group benefits is upgrading the report software it uses, to enhance our customers’ online reporting experience and ensure robust, ongoing support for business-critical applications.

Why are we making the change?
The Crystal Enterprise (CE) tool currently used for most reports will no longer be supported by the vendor after the end of 2008, so we are moving to BusinessObjects™ XI. It is part of our continuous investment in technology, to ensure we provide you with the best possible service through our Plan Sponsor Services website.

What’s changing?
If you print and download reports from Group Benefits Administration or Group Benefits Reporting on Plan Sponsor Services, you will see some slight changes to the look and feel of some screens and the steps followed, but the process is straightforward.

Some historical reports will no longer be immediately available through the View option, but they can be rescheduled and then viewed.

Note: If you access your premium billing statements online, you can continue to view, save and print them through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When is this happening?
Look out for a future message in the Please Read section of the Plan Sponsor Services home page to see when this change takes place.

Need more information?
When the change is implemented, you will be able to get details in the Please Read section. Group Benefits Administration will also include information in What’s new and Frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.