Provincial dental fee increases for 2008


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It’s that time of year when most provincial and territorial dental associations release their annual fee guides. Typically there is an increase across the board for dental services performed by general practitioners. The information in provincial fee guides helps us establish reimbursement levels for the dental services your plan members receive.

This chart summarizes fee guide increases announced for 2008 by the provincial dental associations (except for the Alberta Dental Association and College, which doesn’t publish an annual fee guide.)

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How we reimburse dental expenses in Alberta

Since the Alberta Dental Association and College doesn’t publish a dental fee guide, insurers must establish their own reimbursement levels for dental services in Alberta.

At Sun Life Financial, we use our own Alberta-based claims data from the two most recent consecutive calendar years to determine appropriate fee increases for each category of dental service.

Our application of these reimbursement levels may not always result in full reimbursement of the charges by some dentists in Alberta. Nor will they necessarily match the reimbursement levels set by other carriers.

For group contracts that provide benefits on a current fee guide basis, the following reimbursement levels will apply:

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Plan sponsors in Alberta
If you have any concerns about our Alberta reimbursement guide, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative to explore your options. For example, you may want us to pay dental claims at a higher or lower level than the new reimbursement level.

We are also including a communication for your plan members. Making the most of your dental benefits 2008’ explains how we reimburse dental services in Alberta.

If you have any questions, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.