Nova Scotia announces new provincial drug plan


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The province of Nova Scotia has announced a new provincial drug plan designed to help Nova Scotians with the cost of prescription drugs.

Starting March 1, 2008, eligible Nova Scotians will benefit from the Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare Program.

The Family Pharmacare Program is designed to assist people who don’t have drug coverage or are financially burdened by the high cost of prescription drugs.

The program helps cover the costs of certain prescribed drugs, supplies and related services. Eligible drugs and supplies are listed in the Nova Scotia Formulary. There are no premiums, but the program has both a co-payment and deductible with yearly maximums based on a family’s annual income.

How does this affect employees living in Nova Scotia?
Family Pharmacare is the ‘payer of last resort’, which means it pays last. However, Nova Scotians with private drug coverage are still encouraged to enrol in the program. The private plan pays first, and then plan members can submit any unpaid amounts to Family Pharmacare.

If your group benefits plan has Pay-Direct Drug, plan members can let their pharmacy know they have both group coverage and Family Pharmacare, so they can integrate submission between the two plans at time of purchase.

How does this affect you?
Because Family Pharmacare is payer of last resort, it shouldn’t impact your group plan.

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