New Children’s Drug Plan and changes to Seniors’ Drug Plan in Saskatchewan

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On July 1, the government of Saskatchewan will launch a new prescription drug plan for children. The Children’s Drug Plan ensures families will pay only $15 per prescription for drugs for children age 14 and under. At the same time, Saskatchewan is changing their existing Seniors’ Drug Plan, with the addition of an income-based eligibility requirement.

How these plans work

Under the Children’s Drug Plan, drug costs for all children (age 14 and under) will be capped at $15 per prescription, as long as the drugs are listed on the Saskatchewan Formulary or approved under ‘Exception Drug Status’. All children are eligible for the new plan and will automatically be registered.

The new income-based eligibility requirement of the Seniors' Drug Plan means seniors (age 65 and older) will need to apply for acceptance to the program. If accepted, seniors will only pay up to $15 per prescription, providing the drugs are listed on the Saskatchewan Formulary or approved under ‘Exception Drug Status’.

Impact on drug plans

If you have plan members in Saskatchewan, you can expect a small positive impact to your claim costs as a result of a decrease in costs for children.

If you provide coverage for Saskatchewan residents age 65 and older, you may experience a slight increase in claim costs for any plan members that don’t qualify for the government plan.

Please encourage all senior plan members to apply to the program in order to help ensure their participation. This change will not affect our current claims thresholds for Saskatchewan plan members.

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