November 2007 Focus Update #126

Worldwide Assistance has changed its name to Europ Assistance
Recently Worldwide Assistance Services, Inc., our emergency travel assistance provider, changed its name to Europ Assistance USA, Inc. Europ Assistance, which is the parent company of Worldwide Assistance, is one of the world's largest emergency travel assistance networks.

New name, same service
If your plan provides Extended Health Care coverage that includes emergency travel assistance, you and your plan members will soon notice the Europ Assistance name. We want to assure you that this name change will not affect services provided, nor the phone numbers plan members call when they have an out-of-province medical emergency.

The website address and e-mail address have been updated:

While the website address and e-mail address now reflect Europ Assistance, the old addresses are still in operation. For the next several months, plan members who use the old addresses will simply be re-directed to the new website or mailbox.

Updating our communication materials
This name change affects a number of our print and electronic communication vehicles including our contracts, booklets, brochures and websites. We are working closely with Europ Assistance to ensure all our materials are updated in stages. That means, if your plan includes emergency travel assistance, you and your plan members may see references to both Worldwide Assistance and Europ Assistance during the transition.

  •  Europ Assistance has started updating the forms, FAX cover sheets, cheques, etc. that go to plan members. This will be ongoing over the next several months.
  • References to Worldwide Assistance will be replaced with Europ Assistance in your contract and booklets at the time of your next plan amendment.
  • The Plan Member Services website will be updated early in 2008; however, members with access to the site can see an announcement about the name change by selecting a link on the home page. They will also be able to print off a new generic travel card showing the Europ Assistance name and logo.
  • All other materials will be changed over time as they come up for reprint or redesign.
  • If we created any customized communications for you, e.g. member brochures and travel cards, they will be updated next time you request a reprint.
  • If you refer to Worldwide Assistance in any of your own material, we ask that you make the necessary changes.  

Communicating with plan members
For your convenience, we’ve included a communication for you to share with your plan members. Please revise it as needed to meet your distribution needs.

If you have any questions about Europ Assistance or emergency travel assistance coverage, please contact your Group Benefits representative.