June 2007 Focus Update #116

Authentication enhancements set to launch

On July 8, 2007, additional enhancements to the online authentication process will launch on the Plan Sponsor Services website. These changes will provide enhanced protection of your plan information and enable us to quickly verify your identity when you need assistance.

What’s changing?

  • The first time you sign in after July 8, you will be prompted to provide the following information:
    1. On the Sign in page at www.sunlife.ca/sponsor, enter your access ID and password.
      • If you have a temporary password, you will be prompted to create your Permanent alphanumeric password immediately online.
      • If you still have a personal identification number (PIN), you’ll be required to change this to a password online to access Plan Sponsor Services.
    2. Provide your date of birth. We’re asking for birth dates as an added security measure to further protect the confidentiality of your plan information.
    3. Choose one verification question from the list provided, and enter your answer.
  • Should you need to change your password after July 8, you’ll have an additional new option for resetting your password, provided you have gone through the above process. Contact us and we’ll e-mail you a link to a self-service support screen where you can make the change immediately online.
  • We’re adding a Forgot your Access ID? feature on the Sign in page. Select this to display a list of contact numbers to call for assistance.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your group benefits representative.