July 2007 Focus Update #122

Two new Health & Wellness Companion offerings

Health risks left unmanaged today can turn into health events that could hurt your business tomorrow. The right knowledge can help you reduce health risks in your organization — before they develop into disease or disability.

Sun Life Financial has two offerings to help you better understand the health risks driving absence, disability, and medical costs: Health & Wellness Companion Sponsor Reports and the Wellness Assessment Incentive.

Sponsor Reports
We’re pleased to announce that the Health & Wellness Companion plan sponsor reports are now available online. You can access them directly, quickly and easily, at no cost.

Plan sponsor reports give you convenient, instant access to your organization’s health information and statistics. You see a snapshot of the health risks in your organization, based on your plan members’ responses to the Wellness Assessment in Health & Wellness Companion.

Reports can be generated for your organization overall, as well as at contract or divisional levels. This makes it easy for you to drill down and better understand where risks are, so you can target resources where they are needed the most. You can print presentation-ready reports in table or graph format, and download them into Excel or PDF files.

Reports are confidential and protect plan member privacy. Reports based on personal health information or gender are only populated where 25 or more members have provided this information.

If you would like to learn more about these reports and receive online access to them, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative. 

Note that the Health & Wellness Companion must be enabled for your plan members in order for you to receive access to the related reports. If you don’t have the Health & Wellness Companion enabled but would like to, please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative to find out more.

Wellness Assessment Incentive
The Wellness Assessment Incentive can help you encourage employees to complete the Health & Wellness Companion Wellness Assessment. The more plan members complete the Assessment, the more representative your plan sponsor reports will be. This means you will have reliable data with which to shape your wellness program and target wellness programming to maximize its impact.

The Wellness Assessment Incentive is also a great way to highlight the value you place on wellness. 

The Wellness Assessment Incentive program includes everything you need to run a three-week campaign and allocate rewards: 

  1. A complete set of promotional materials, including employee letters, customizable posters and other promotional materials, web images and linked text for your intranet messages
  2. An employee consent form to capture names and global IDs of those participating in the campaign. 
  3. Weekly reports so you can track progress towards your goals and build momentum in your communication.
  4. An end-of campaign listing of everyone who completed the assessment. That way you know who to reward — either by allocating an individual award or by putting those names into a draw.

However you decide to structure your campaign, the Wellness Assessment Incentive provides you with the support you need. Components are priced individually, so you can buy just what you need or buy them as a package at the special package rate. You decide how you wish to structure your campaign and then choose the materials you need.

The Wellness Assessment Incentive is part of Sun Life Financial’s HealthyRETURNS solution set. HealthyRETURNS offers a full range of products and services that can help you build a healthy workplace – and realize a healthy return on your wellness investment.

If you have any questions about these great new features or about the Health & Wellness Companion, don’t hesitate to contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.