Celebrating a decade of e-claim innovation with 1,000,000 e-claims in 2010

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Thank you to our plan sponsors and plan members for helping us achieve two exciting milestones in the group benefits industry.

Last month, we received our 1,000,000th plan member e-claim for 2010, putting us on pace to receive more than 1.3 million e-claims by year end. This doubles last year’s volumes. It is a result of more and more plan members switching from paper submission to take advantage of the ease and convenience that e-claims offer. It’s no surprise, really. Plan members have told us time and again that they love the convenience of e-claims and want – and expect - to be able to submit all of their claims online. And that means more satisfied plan members.

In 2001, we launched the industry’s first plan member e-claim capability and we've been enhancing it ever since. Now, nearly 10 years later, online benefits innovations and initiatives continue to be a key priority.

Go ahead - check out our web page at sunlife.ca/thanksamillion to learn more about our e-claim innovations – about what we've done in 2010 – and about what's coming next year.


For more information about our strides in e-claim innovation, contact your Sun Life group representative.