About IHS

For each service listed below, you will work with our Integrated Health Solutions team of experts, who are focused on meeting the needs of you and your employees. Additional details on each service are available through your Sun Life Group Benefits or Integrated Health Solutions representative.

Step 1: Evaluation

Sun Life HealthySTART

The ideal way to get started in building your foundation for a healthier future, this program includes an Integrated Data Analysis and Health Risk Assessment campaign along with guidance and recommendations from your IHS consultant. For more information, check out our Sun Life HealthySTART brochure.

  • Integrated Data Analysis – this comprehensive report reviews and interprets three years of data to determine top health risks, issues and opportunities. Looks at disability, pharmaceuticals, EAP and paramedical utilization, employee engagement, and demographic data. Provides benchmarks against industry and Sun Life book of business data to help you learn where your organization stands.
  • Employee Health Risk Assessment (HRA) campaign – The comprehensive Sun Life HRA helps your employees assess and learn about their physical, mental, and financial health. Your IHS consultant will help you develop a campaign to encourage completion of the HRA and then provide detailed results analysis following the assessment.

Organizational assessments

Complete our proprietary online questionnaires with immediate results summary to gauge your organization’s performance in areas of health management. We offer robust assessments for workplace mental health, health and wellness, organizational health, and disability management. Each assessment comes with a detailed analysis report with recommendations delivered by your dedicated IHS consultant.

Step 2: Strategy and action planning

Your IHS consultant can deliver integrated and specialized consulting services to help you develop and achieve your objectives.

Strategic consulting services – we can help you build long-term strategic roadmaps, action plans, and business cases for integrated health, with specialized strategic consulting services available for workplace mental health, health and wellness, and absence & disability management.

Step 3: Programming

These programs can be implemented at any time, based on your needs and budget. Our goal is to help you select the right programs to target the top health risk and opportunity areas at your organization.

Programs include:

  • Sun Life HealthyFOCUS targeted prevention programs (diabetes, heart health)
  • Health Screening Clinics
  • Workplace Peer Support Program
  • Health Challenges
  • Manager mental health training
  • Employee education sessions – topics include nutrition, physical activity, musculoskeletal health, and stress & resiliency