Health Coverage Choice: Changes effective September 1, 2008

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Health Coverage Choice: Changes effective September 1, 2008
Effective September 1, we are making some coverage enhancements to our Health Coverage Choice product, and there will be a premium rate change.

Health Coverage Choice, a personal insurance product, is designed to help make your plan members’ transition to personal health insurance easy when they lose their group benefits and are looking for individual health insurance for themselves, their spouses or their dependent children.

About Health Coverage Choice
Health Coverage Choice provides coverage for unexpected health problems, emergencies, and day-to-day health and dental care expenses not covered by provincial health plans (subject to certain limits and restrictions). Health Coverage Choice is personal health insurance and is not intended to duplicate the coverage provided under a group benefits plan.

At no cost to you, your members can purchase Health Coverage Choice health and dental insurance (or just health insurance) without providing proof of good health – as long as they are age 74 or under, apply within 60 days of leaving their group benefits plan, and had the coverage under their group plan. Once purchased, Health Coverage Choice can be renewed each year for life. Applicants can also purchase coverage for their spouse and dependent children if they were covered under the group plan.

Health Coverage Choice: What’s changing on September 1?
Included in the enhancements effective September 1, Health Coverage Choice is adding massage therapy under paramedical services and white fillings under all dental options as well as extending prescription drug coverage to individuals beyond the age of 65. Please note that Quebec residents must have prescription drug insurance from another source, for example through the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), to be eligible for Health Coverage Choice.

Recommending Health Coverage Choice to your plan members
Applying for Health Coverage Choice is easy. Your members can:

  • Visit
    Your members will find everything they need on this website from product details to application forms. They can even purchase Health Coverage Choice directly online.
  • Call toll-free 1 877 SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433)
    Interested applicants without Internet access can call our Customer Care Centre to request a paper application. Once approved, we’ll send a welcome package with detailed coverage information.
  • Contact us by e-mail at

Health Coverage Choice product materials
You can include Health Coverage Choice product brochures and premium rate sheets in information packages for retiring or terminating employees. Visit  You can download and print copies of our materials from this website. Or, you can order printed versions from us the same way you order other group benefits forms.  For your convenience, here’s a plan member communication you can also include in your package to introduce the product to your departing plan members.

Looking for a more tailored retiree benefit plan?
In addition to Health Coverage Choice, Sun Life Financial offers a health care product designed specifically for your retiring plan members. Extended Health Care Insurance for Retirees also offers member-paid health and dental coverage but, unlike Health Coverage Choice, the plan can be tailored to better suit your needs.

Have any questions?
For more information, please contact your advisor.