New online dental coverage tool on Plan Member Services


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Plan members can now access the most comprehensive online dental coverage information that’s currently available. It is a quick way for plan members to see instantly if they and their dependents are covered for particular dental procedures. More powerful than a benefits booklet, this online experience can enhance your plan members’ understanding and appreciation of their dental benefits.

How does the coverage tool work?

  • Similar to our medical coverage tool, plan members just select a procedure from a simple menu-style list. If they are covered, plan-specific coverage information is then displayed, including eligibility, percentage covered, deductibles and maximums, and whether those maximums are shared with other procedures.
  • Plan members can also search by dental procedure code, if they have the code number.
  • Their future dental estimates (predeterminations) will be available online. And if they have signed up for direct deposit of claims payments with e-mail notification, we’ll also send them an e-mail to let them know when the estimate is posted online.

New online dental coverage tool on Plan Member Services

Having great information is pointless if you can’t find it quickly and easily:

  • Select my coverage from the “my health and well-being” section on the Home page, then select Dental coverage.
  • They can also access it from the Coverage drop-down menu on the blue navigation bar.

Communicating with plan members

Here is a link to a member announcement, which we encourage you to share with your plan members.


If you have any questions about this great new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact your SunAdvantage client service administrator at 1-877-786-7227.