Plan members encouraged to sign up with BioAdvance® to get REMICADE® savings


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Last month we announced Sun Life’s new arrangement with Janssen Inc. to reduce costs on REMICADE®. We now have information to share about how plan members will find out about, and can benefit from, this arrangement.

To take advantage of the reduced costs, plan members must sign up with Janssen’s BioAdvance® program.

What is BioAdvance?

BioAdvance® is the name of Janssen’s patient assistance program associated with REMICADE®. A majority of patients already work with the BioAdvance® program using the available services and to co-ordinate receiving their infusions. Through the BioAdvance program, they can receive:

  • assistance in arranging their infusions,
  • assistance in finding a pharmacy to dispense REMICADE® to them, or, delivery of REMICADE® to the infusion clinic, and
  • several other services that may be valuable to their health and help make the treatment convenient.

Savings and other assistance

Participation in the BioAdvance® program is required for plan members to receive the savings. Plan members simply register with BioAdvance® and provide their Sun Life benefit coverage information.

Contacting plan members

Only plan members who have had REMICADE® dispensed in the last 13-14 months will be contacted. They will find out about the opportunity to save on REMICADE® in one of two ways:

  • Those who are already registered with BioAdvance® will be notified directly by BioAdvance®
  • Those who are not registered with BioAdvance® will be contacted by Sun Life the week of June 3rd. Please note that this is a very small percentage of plan members.

How will savings be passed on to the plan sponsor and plan member?

Plan sponsors and plan members will see savings automatically. TELUS Health Solutions will adjust its system to ensure that the plan sponsor’s plan and the plan member are charged the appropriate amounts at the pharmacy. For this to work, plan members must:

  • register with BioAdvance®
  • use their Pay-Direct Drug card
  • present their REMICADE® assist number at the pharmacy when having their prescription filled. They will get this number from their BioAdvance® coordinator when they register.

BioAdvance® will also contact the plan member’s pharmacy with the REMICADE® assist number, and to provide the order of billing/processing.      


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.