Plan members can give feedback about the my Sun Life website


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Effective immediately, your plan members can provide their detailed feedback about the my Sun Life website (, at any time during their online experience across all Group Benefits specific pages of the website.

Why feedback is important

The online experience is a driving factor to overall benefits plan satisfaction and engagement for plan members. We understand that it is important that we stay on top of how plan members feel about their online services and experiences with Sun Life.

How it works

Plan members will simply select the “Feedback” tab along the top navigation bar – as noted below – on any page of the my Sun Life website, or they select a prominent “Feedback” button on the right hand side of the screen to fill out a short survey. And, they can also add their own comments to the survey.

This insight allows us to better understand how we can enhance the online plan member experience and member satisfaction and engagement going forward.

Note:  Personal information collected

When plan members submit their feedback, we only collect their group benefits contract number.  This information will only be collected or stored as part of this online survey process and used to report the survey responses to us. The contract number and plan members’ feedback will be used on a non-identifiable basis by Sun Life Financial to help improve

We will ask your plan members not to provide any personal information that will make them identifiable to us – like their names or plan member IDs – in any of the comments that they provide through the survey.  


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.