Information for students studying outside of Canada


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It’s the time of year when parents get ready to send their children off to school. In some cases, families have children who will be studying outside of Canada. Are these students covered adequately for medical emergencies if they arise?  What if they need to visit a doctor for non-emergency care?

Sun Life’s out-of-country plans with emergency travel assistance generally cover medical services and/or supplies relating to medical emergencies that occur within 60 days of leaving Canada (some plans may have a longer trip duration period -please check your booklet for details). In the event of a medical emergency, Europ Assistance U.S.A., Inc., our emergency travel assistance provider, must be contacted.

What’s the difference?

An emergency means an acute illness or accidental injury that requires immediate, medically necessary treatment prescribed by a doctor. Emergency services means any reasonable medical services or supplies, including advice, treatment, medical procedures or surgery, required as a result of an emergency. When you or your family member has a chronic condition, emergency services do not include treatment provided as part of an established management program that existed before leaving your province of residence.

Regular medical care when outside Canada is not considered a medical ‘emergency.’ Any further care after a medical emergency has stabilized and passed (for example, but not limited to, subsequent investigations, diagnostic tests, surgery or treatment), are not considered an emergency either. Medical care that can be delayed until the student returns to Canada is not covered because it is considered to be non-emergency care.

We have a prepared a
communication for you to share with your plan members that gives details about what they need to know about their children’s medical coverage while they are studying out of the country. Answers to questions about additional coverage, coverage length and what to do if their child needs to see a doctor can be found in this communication as well as other important information.                                     


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