We’ve listened to plan members!


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Plan members have told us that our process for claim notifications needs improvement. 

Today, when a claim is submitted plan members receive an email once their claim has been processed. No information is communicated to a plan member though from the time his or her claim is received until it is processed.  In addition, many plan members are unaware that they can access their claim details online.

We are listening to plan members and making it better!

In an effort to enhance the plan member experience and keep them informed about the status of their claims, we are making some changes to our claim notifications.  This includes sending these notifications to all plan members who have an email address on file regardless of whether they are registered for mysunlife.ca, or if they have submitted their claim electronically or via paper.

What’s changing?

  • New notification emails are being added to inform your plan members of the status of their claims as they are being handled (ex. claim received, claim processed, web audit)
  • Any plan member who has an email address on file whether he or she is registered for mysunlife.ca or not, will begin to receive these new notifications once a claim (paper or e-claim) has been submitted
  • All claim notification emails will direct plan members to mysunlife.ca to sign in and view the status of their claims

Coming soon

In 2013 these claim notification emails will be enhanced further by providing plan members with tools and resources to help educate them on the benefits of using mysunlife.ca and claiming online.

Go paperless!

Mysunlife.ca has many features to help plan members stay informed when it comes to their benefits plan, and great tools resources to help make understanding and using their benefits easy. We encourage you to continue to spread this message among them.   We have attached a communication for you to share with your plan members that outlines some of the enhancements we are making as a result of their feedback, as well as the benefits of going online.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.