Reminder: Do your members have access to their current claim forms?

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At Sun Life, providing your plan members with a great experience is something we strive for everyday. To make your plan members’ group benefits experience even better, you should ensure that current claim forms are available to them.

Members can find current claim forms for your plan by signing into and going to ‘print claim form’ under ‘my claims’ in the ‘my health and well-being’ menu.

E-claims make it fast and easy 

For those who are looking for an alternative to submitting a paper claim, the my Sun Life website is a fast, easy and convenient way for your plan members to submit their claims online. Not only does my Sun Life give your members an opportunity to receive their claims reimbursement faster, it’s a better choice for the environment!

To help promote the use of e-claims via to your plan members, send them an email with a link to Discover the benefits of going online. You can also send them this poster or print it and distribute it around your office.

my Sun Life Mobile

Your members can also submit and track their health and dental benefit claims via their smartphone through my Sun Life Mobile, a free application for BlackBerry and iPhone users. For more information, visit

Where can I find current paper claim forms under my plan?

To help you with the administration of your plan, some of our standard forms have been posted to our website.

You can also complete and submit the order form from the Request for Supplies option on the website. They will be shipped directly to you. (If you use our Plan Sponsor Services website to administer your benefits, please see your PSS User Guide for instructions on ordering forms.)

If the claim form for your plan has recently been updated, you need to destroy the old forms and use the current claim forms for your plan members.  


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.