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The Burnout Factor – Understanding the far reaching impact of chronic stress on the health of employees and organizations

Health is often associated with physical wellbeing – maintaining a level of fitness and staying free of illness or disease. But the role that stress and other psychological health factors play as a part of our complete wellbeing is often overlooked.

Research by Sun Life and Ipsos Reid as part of the 2011 Sun Life Canadian Health Index study shows that high risk for chronic stress is a reality for many Canadians – and most significantly for working Canadians. Given the high toll poor physical and mental wellbeing exacts on Canadian employers each year – learning more about employee stress and how workplace programs can reduce it is something Canadian employers cannot afford to ignore.

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The Sun Life Wellness Institute is positioned to become the leading health and wellness knowledge exchange for Canadian employers by providing evidence and insight that will influence positive outcomes in the overall health and long term wellbeing of working Canadians.

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