Mobile apps – the evolution continues

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my Sun Life Mobile milestones

We’re excited to announce two big milestones in our digital evolution:

  • my Sun Life Mobile app for iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone users has exceeded more than 100,000 downloads* – in just six months; and
  • my Sun Life Mobile just launched its mobile web app for Android and other smartphone users.

Our plan members have spoken – they love the convenience and ease of the mobile app.  And now even more of our plan members can enjoy the experience.

More about the mobile web app

The my Sun Life Mobile web app makes it possible for Android and other smartphone users with an internet connection to submit medical and dental claims, check their savings plan balances and contributions and access their financial saving tools. They can access the web app by launching their Android smartphone’s internet browser and going to

The mobile web app is always current and has the same friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation as the mobile app that we released for iPhones and BlackBerrys last September.

Benefits Canada April issue

Watch for our mobile ad in the April issue of Benefits Canada Magazine due out soon. We continue to lead the industry with the only mobile app that provides access to instant claims processing!  It means your plan members get their money in the bank faster than ever – usually in 24 to 48 hours!  Learn more at

We expect to see the popularity of my Sun Life Mobile continue to grow now that the my Sun Life Mobile web app is available.

Which app to use?

Plan members can use the new mobile web app:

  • If they use an Android smartphone.
  • If they cannot download the my Sun Life Mobile app on a corporate BlackBerry due to an organization’s security policy. Now they can access my Sun Life Mobile through the web on their BlackBerry browser.

*On March 1, 2012, Marketing Magazine tweeted that “80% of businesses that have mobile apps have only 1,000 downloads".

Plan members can use the mobile app:

  • If they use a BlackBerry or iPhone and have no corporate security restrictions. While they can also use the mobile web app, the mobile app will provide them with a superior experience on these devices. It is available free of charge to plan members through BlackBerry App World and the Apple App stores.  Links to the app stores and more information are available at:

Tablet and laptop users can continue to access the full website experience at:

Communicating to plan members

We will share the great news about the new mobile web app with plan members on and reminding them about using my Sun Life Mobile on their upcoming statement.

The evolution continues…


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