Changes to pharmaceutical coverages


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Provincial governments and companies alike periodically review and update their policies in an attempt to stay current and provide people – customers, clients, or residents – with the best value possible.  The following are a few changes to government and private plans regarding various drug coverages instigated by provincial governments and TELUS Health.

Alberta Health

Effective July 1, Alberta Health announced that it has reduced the amount it pays for generic prescription drugs from 45 per cent of the cost of name brand drugs to 35 per cent. 

TELUS Health

TELUS has recently performed a review of the Maintenance classification field in their drug database. Prescriptions that are classified as Maintenance drugs can have a 100 day supply dispensed at one time, minimizing the cost of dispensing fees and reducing the number of visits to the pharmacist. 

TELUS’ review was performed to maintain an updated classification and to ensure accuracy of the classification based on the changing nature of medication use/clinical practice guidelines and real-life clinical practice. These changes will affect the days supply allowed on claims for groups set up for the maintenance classification to allow for 30 days of acute medication and for 100 days maintenance.

Quebec Smoking Cessation Aids Maximum

The Quebec maximum amount covered for smoking cessation aids and products will increase to $725 from $675 for the 2013 calendar year.  The increase includes consideration for new drug treatments now available.


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