A strategic dose of wellness – our newest Bright Paper is your prescription to a healthier organization

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The ability to effectively support the health and wellbeing of employees presents a powerful opportunity for organizations to achieve greater success. There is no doubt, organizations that have taken action to build a culture of wellness are reaping great rewards in terms of enhanced productivity, employee engagement and benefits cost containment.

Presented by the Sun Life Wellness Institute, our newest Bright Paper takes a closer look at the results of the 2011 Buffett National Wellness Survey. This Bright Paper builds on the findings of the survey, outlining the strategic components of a robust and successful workplace wellness program, and highlighting five organizations that have successfully taken a strategic approach to wellness.  Download the full PDF of the Bright Paper by visiting www.sunlife.ca/wellnessinstitute

**The insights from the Bright Paper are profiled on the cover of the most recent edition of Benefits Canada - look for the March issue or check out the Benefits Canada website for more information.

Canadian Return on Investment Study

Phase I of the Canadian Return on Investment Study, which consists of a comprehensive literature review of published evidence in workplace wellness programming, will be released in April – watch for details coming soon.

About the Sun Life Wellness Institute

The Sun Life Wellness Institute is positioned to become the leading health and wellness knowledge exchange for Canadian employers by providing evidence and insight that will influence positive outcomes in the overall health and long term wellbeing of working Canadians.

For more information on the Sun Life Wellness Institute, please visit www.sunlife.ca/wellnessinstitute


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