Here are different online tools demonstrating how Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) can work for you and investors.

Sun Life GIF Tools

Current income rates - icon

Current income rates

By entering the client’s age, gender and deposit amount, this tool allows you to easily determine the amount of income a client could receive at various ages based on current income rates.

Current income rates tool

Adobe PDF document Current income rates glossary of terms

Illustration tool - icon

Illustration tool

Show investors how much lifetime guaranteed income they can receive with Sun GIF Solutions and Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF through an industry-leading, easy to use illustration tool.

Run an illustration

Support material

Adobe PDF document Sun Life GIFs illustration tools - Economic scenarios guide

Adobe PDF document Illustration tool quick reference guide

Choose your path - icon

Choose your path

Put your business on the right path. Help investors understand where they are and where they’re going with Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds.

Choose your path tool

Private Client - icon

Private Client investment illustration tool

The Private Client investment illustration tool makes it easier for you to help clients build a portfolio. Along with historical performance data, it provides information on asset allocation and fees, with the option to generate a professional quality report for investors.

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